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  1. No not in guild. Playing with my bf mostly and we like it but still alot to learn after playing mainly eso for 4 years haha. Not sure what to do now main store is finished tbh. Not giving up yet, i slightly overreacted maybe. Maybe because its same on all server it means dont get bothered too much with it. I dont mind getting attacked and probably killed but if it happens non stop it would be very annoying. thanks for the answer
  2. Oh ok, maybe I jumped the gun a bit, i’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the responses 😊
  3. Just for anyone like me not aware of this. After reaching level 45 - 50 this game forces you to pvp. So if you like me and almost everyone i know you play mmo’s for relax and enjoy a vast world with friends or solo but dont like to pvp then dont waste your money on this pos.
  4. I have the same issue and if this is intended they seriously need to get rid of it asap. i do have a brightness slider in the settings but its just a big white square and no matter what i put the slider at nothing changes. I dont want to be too negative and i do like the game in general but it sure has alot of issues and i hope they dont consider it finished and stable like it is right now. Time will tell 🤗
  5. On PS4 can do this by pressing R3 a few seconds then can zoom in or out. Feels a bit wonky but it works. the camera sensitivity is in the chat setting menu and last subsectionk dont know the names mempry yet but hope it helps anyway.
  6. Hi, last week(25.08.2019) i bought this game for PS4 and i like it but mainly because it has the best character creation tool i have ever seen. I make this post because its a new game for PS4 and i am curious if i am maybe missing something or overlookimg some settings. Me and my bf like to get into this game but it has some major issues and i am surprised not more people complain about these issues. my main pain points are: Performance is terrible. in general it feels extremely buggy. I am hoping this is due to it being new and overloading of the servers maybe. Graphics: The game looks very pretty if it had a stable brightness control. Sometimes its extremely dark while when rotate the camera the sun shines. There is a setting for it but the slider doesnt seem to have any effect what so ever. When its evening in the game we just need stop play as its impossible to see amything and i refuse to buy a firefly for being able to see what my toon is doing. Brightness not consistent. Motion blur sucks. Flickering colors. When look at my character while not moving at all there is a constant blur she fades in and out of. Gameplay In general i like the fast paced combat but the camera movement needs some serious calibration, it makes it impossible to play the game properly, it makes me physically dizzy. It feels to fast and eratic movement wise. The way the character moves when start or stop walking is just stupid. She wiggles like she been spinning around in circles at high speed. Would be nice to be able to walk instead of running based on how hard the L3 button is pushed like in eso. Really ruins immersion. Hope the game gets the irgently needed patch it needs for PS4 i think it could be a great game but in its current state it is barely playable.
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