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  1. More “puns” that cause a lack of immersion than names.
  2. It could be pc launch where you had to wait 6 months for what we have now..,
  3. So, would you prefer to walk across the road to get to the other side?
  4. It’s not as intuitive as pc for sure but not having to look up the information on google would be nice. Or spending contribution time and energy to figure out what a node is...
  5. Cinxer

    BDO App

    This, along with quite a few other things to keep us from attempting to utilize some questionable 3rd party applications.
  6. I’ve gotten very used to using only the bdo app you guys have integrated into the game. I only hope hope that you’re...yes double hope...developing worker, maid storage transfers to and from warehouses, etc. to enable me to be able to play the game during my breaks at work just like how I’ve been using the central market portion of the app. This is would enable me to actually “play” your game with my limited time at home instead of just managing my contribution network and never get to kill a monster or have time to participate in pvp parts of the game. Please develop this to help me to stop being a 24/7 afk only person. I’d like to be playing. Right now I make boats for everyone to buy but never get to sail or fish off of any of them.
  7. Where’d the option to buy +15 and other numbers go on the CM? Please bring them back.
  8. You don’t. Sony and Kakao have yet to come to terms on this due to privacy.
  9. Will be following this. Ty for attempting.
  10. On fast horse or fast breath skills there are many invisible walls popping up during travel. Please optimize the game or remove these walls that were not there previously to update. Makes higher tier horses useless if can’t even get past random roadblocks.
  11. Agreed. Very bad. Also, this is why I don’t use gems. PS4 servers are not yet up to task to be reliable enough for gems.
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