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  1. It was awful. CMs are cool tho. They are just trying to cover up for the Striker Tamer mistake. #NeverForget
  2. 4 hours to do nothing. They should hire new devs. Those are not worth the money apparently. 3rd fail. Lucky this isnt baseball or they would of Striker'd out!!! Oh they did.
  3. Wizard here. Strikers need to be in the game. This pvp is boring and needs more spice. Havent seen a good fight at all yet. Just a bunch of weak children complaining and Wizards/Witches being dicks because, who is gonna stop us? Wizards can be 30gs lower and still beat the micky out of anyone. Even gear score? You screwed. Where are the strikers who will make this interesting!?
  4. Look everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And I'm going to try and be respectful of that. But when you are a CM and you are wrong about your own game, you are just pathetic. Strikers not being released because they will break the balance of the game, when the game is broken balance cause of a class released ALREADY is ignorant and destructive of your credibility. Wizards and witches are BiS right now. Hands down. We are low accuracy meta. They thrive on that meta and are god tier. Half decent players, that are wizards witches, can destroy skilled players of other classes. And skilled players, that are wizards witches, can dominate anyone. That's not balance. And to try and justify a class not being released like that is hands down the worst thing a CM can do. Now if it's not ready that's one thing. Also CM Valtarra I'm going to try and not take that as condescending because I know sometimes my words come off that way, but it's hard. Dev Notes are not CM communication. And our CM communication is lacking. I'm sorry if anyone feels hurt or disagrees with me. But CM communication should be about upcoming events and content a long with chatting with players. We are almost never given any notice on content. The desert content was the only thing that came out with a 2 week notice the rest has been days. Like I get the rushing, I do. But it's actually breaking the balance of the game when you release stuff so fast and inconsistent. Buffed wizards to counter getting slaughtered by Strikers/Mystics/Archers but yet we have none of them for that buff to be needed. So on ps4 you have an S+ tier class running around slaughtering C classes to A classes at current meta.. these classes we have get much better at higher accuracy meta. Which we arent at yet. I love this game but the way it's being rushed is not good. Its damaging to current players. Will be fantastic when it's done. But harming something now for something to be better later is not always a good choice. That's what I'm getting at. If you are gonna rush content, rush it the best way possible for your current players. So you keep them, or simply just so they are happy and spend more money.
  5. Did you read what you wanted to and reply to your own self? Idk what world you live in but it ps4 does not get the same attention xbox does in the communication department. BDO itself is a fine example of it self. PC gets the most communicating and it should because its primary. However Xbox gets way more attention and more RELIABLE content and communication. Ps4 is a surprise fest. Everything is shoved into the game, quality is low, content is rushed, balancing isnt even thought of yet. I'd of much rather had slower content release then what this is. Ps4 is rushed and horrible in comparison to ITSELF. it has nothing to do with whatever bullshit coming out of your brain. Anyone who has been following this game since before console release can see the huge differences between Xbox and Playstation. Xbox was carefully promoted and content released. The xbox market didnt have a disastrous failure LIKE ps4. Rushing content is a horrible way to update a game. You release things that dont work to proper potential. Or things over achieving because you are missing other components that make it Balanced. We cant even talk about nerfs or buffs or balancing because all the main components arent even out. Pushing out content that's easier to port doesnt mean it should be. Its ruining a lot of the main aspects of the game. Sure it will eventually balance out and these issues will be fixed by December. But why is that acceptable reasoning to why it's happening this way? We were given things that should of been released after the things that were needed. This is a quality over quantity issue.
  6. There are plenty of other reasons, but I can live with them all. Right now we have a horrible meta that is making people not want to war. I shouldn't be able to 1vBall because I dont need accuracy and no class but DK(which is ****) can counter me. Sounds fun but no one wants to fight cause of it which is not fun. And that's another thing, DK is a counter to Wizard 1v1, but in war DK is garbage, we get the buffed wizard witch but the nerfed DK. Y'all make 0 sense on ur releases for "Balance" Also why wasnt there any info on the new pearl shop items? I watch the bdo news for ps4. No news at all. And that's money for you guys. Should of been advertising. This list goes on. Let me know if you really want more or just doing an auto reply. Also it's not targeted at you personally. I get how businesses run, I also understand how coding works. Things take time. I respect that. But it's the way it's being brought about that's upsetting me.
  7. Right now my main concern is Striker. We all saw the video about him and now its pulled and not showing. It was uploaded on the 8th and never released to the public. And now its hidden again. I'm seriously going to quit if he isnt released before November. Only reason I'm playing this game is because of him. Xbox got him before the classes we have now. I know its possible to port him. Also it's really draining playing classes I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY just to fill time. There is never any info till a day before. And the info we are given is extremely vague and unuseful. No one wants to say it but WoW did better at communicating and it's a crap game with a crappier community. All I want is Info that's going to tell me whether I'm wasting my time or not. Only 3 classes I want to play. Striker, Archer, Valkyrie. I get we wont get Valkyrie cause shinra thinks she is broken. I get Archer needs Kama which is a huge update. I understand that. But not releasing Striker cause "he might break the game" is a moron statement. I'm over here 1 tapping people with a damn Wizard. No counters to me. Wizards are extremely over powered atm cause we have no striker or mystic to counter them. I have all classes to 59. I know what each one is capable on ps4. Wizard is breaking the game and its gonna stay this way till you give Striker. So that statement is invalid. And at this point it's just because you guys want to lose players to boredom and irritation instead. I get this comes off as just angry idiot who knows nothing. But I've been on pc, on xbox. And now ps4. PC it too much for my pocket, I cant build or buy a strong enough one to compete. I hate Xbox with a passion and only had one cause of this game (sold it now and super happy) and now my favorite system has it and you guys talk about speeding up the process. Yet you make vague stupid statements that are easily debunked by just playing the damn game. This is a Massive amount to read but you asked. I'm not happy about this silence. And that video leak is a huge tease you guys either did on purpose or someone did by mistake. But it feels like you just want to upset your players. Half my guild is excited about striker and the other half wants tamer. All the wizards are pissed striker may come cause it's the one thing that's going to change the meta for the good. I'm upset we have a hugely unbalanced game because we have the buffed wizard/witch who was buffed because of the STRIKER but no striker to keep it competitive. IM TIRED OF PLAYING WIZARD!!! So how about we get some damn info on our Road map and stop playing childish games with your customers.
  8. Seriously. I've played a lot of MMOs and my god you guys are awful at this. It takes less then 10 mins to send out a tweet or a facebook post giving some news even if it not big. Anything would be nice. But its radio silence for weeks from you guys. I'm not asking for a lot. Just some damn communicating skills to be used. "No updates this week, but next week is looking to be better!!" Something simple can go a long way for alot of gamers who are hardcore and casual.
  9. Well I dont feel alone now thanks
  10. I think there is a bug. The higher I rank my node the less I'm getting from the node. Idk if the RNG is just hitting me worse or not. But I'm noticing a huge difference in drops and not in the way its suppose to be. Less silver Less trash Less rare drops The higher I make it the worse it gets. 0 rank seems to be the best to farm with.
  11. I know you can farm manes, rhutums, and rogues and get Bhegs boss scroll, can you do that in ps4? Cause I've maybe killed 10k and yet to see one.
  12. All 10 classes are getting awakening . Slow down and enjoy the game. They release GM notes as the finish working on it. As of right now 8/10 classes have GM notes on awakening. Relax
  13. Um they are notes, if you look again all but Ranger and DK are up. I swear people are so pushy and rushy We are getting all awakenings! If anyone tells you different they are lying.
  14. So I keep waiting to see if you guys are ever gonna fix this issue with players getting dragged under the floor during Kzarka and forcing those players out of the fight. Like its happened to me 5 times and I'm pretty annoyed with it at this point. I know its affecting other players as well. You guys are rushing to catch us up and are breaking things in the process. Either slow it the hell down and do it right or fix the Important issues like Quality of Life. I want a working game. Not a glitchy half ass game.
  15. Did you miss spell something? Like 1 simple thing could mess it up. Even caps. I'd advise you both to get to level 11, close application and reload BDO from ps4 home page. And then try again. I(i) and l(L) look exactly the same but they are different. As you can tell. So make sure both accounts are same country based. And both are logged into same server. And you should be good. If not you definitely need to report it to Pearl Abyss
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