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  1. We should be allowed as a guild to pay other guilds to kill other guilds. I want to PKK toxic guilds who bully low GS players and Low GS guilds. I see a lot of toxic guilds like Yikes and GameOver, bullying poor players who are trying to play. I want to freely destroy people like that without worry of my Karma because they are too scared to fight real PvPers.
  2. Facebook and Twitter. As well as youtube video from PA stating 9/25/19 for ps4 awakening
  3. I feel like this is not suppose to be the case. But 175ap, 272dp. I shouldn't be insta wiped with 1 swing. Is this a bug or intentional? Kzarka doesnt even do nearly that much damage to me.
  4. We are already getting a speedy catch up. Do you have no concept on how much work goes into this? Complaining about something you know nothing about. I hate Xbox. It's a fireplace for me. Literally. But they have had the game longer and had to wait much longer for content then we have to. So you need to chill out or go play PC. Releasing content is a lot of works and takes time to make sure it's done correctly. This type of entitlement is a huge issue in our world today.
  5. So I'm working on some ideas here. We are gonna be behind at least the next few weeks if not months. So a lot of guides state that you should have a good acc offhand regardless if you go full ap. However with the state we are in wouldnt people be just fine with 150+ accuracy till we get more boss gear and awakening gear?
  6. A dumpster out of the forums?. Well then. Someone is a sniveling little failure who only gets his kicks off acting tough online. If you dont like something dont comment on it. Dont review it. Dont waste your time on it. You came here for one simple reason and it's to start an issue and act big. You arent. It's obvious you dont want respect. You are just looking for someone to fight with. And it shows how little your comprehension is.
  7. Think panic is a over the top choice of words. How about documenting issues timely so not a lot of people think it's just them. The facebook post didnt get updated till after 6am est. When it was due to be done at 6am. So anyone who can begin logging in because PSN and Facebook both said it was available would assume it's an issue. Some of us have lives and can only play certain times. Which sometimes patches cut into those hours. How about next time just post the updates for people who had yet to get that info. Respect is earned. And you have lost any exp towards leveling that up with most of us. PS: a lot of people dislike social media, also a lot of people dont like twitter. So saying "twitter said" doesnt really change the fact the other medias didnt.
  8. I hope that's true. Cause PSN said 6am est I dont use twitter, sadly I wouldnt of seen that tweet.
  9. If anyone else is getting this issue. I'm right here with ya. Hopefully it's just a slow start up and not a bug for a bunch of players. Only time will tell.
  10. Or if you are hard core about it. Grind till 58 and shoot thru 58 and over half of 59 to cut that grind more. You get pretty little exp from quests at 59. But it's still more then grinding. Least for me it is.
  11. Anyone with a negative opinion doesnt know how to play DK. Anyone with a positive feedback has a fan boy mind set about the class. Asking opinions is just that. Opinions. I know for a fact any class in the right hands will destroy another class. Why? This is a skill based game with high Gear reliance. Someone who knows their class with 1 shot someone of their same class who doesnt know what they are doing. It all comes down to experience of playing and commitment to the class. So pick something you like and go all out for it. The game rewards you for making alts to 50. So take advantage of that. Get to know all classes and choose favorite play style. Plus we have no awakening. So all these options are based on awakening fighting that we dont even have yet. And changes to those awakening can happen before we even get them. Pick a favorite and get good.
  12. Technically the coding shows 99. But a lot of people said the dev's said there is no cap. So I'm assuming once someone actually hits 90 they will start working on raising the cap. But barely anyone on PC is above 70. So it's a lot more realistic that the game will shut down before someone gets close to cap because mathematically it seems it would take over 10 years of gameplay every day for multiple hours at efficient grinding.
  13. The wiki says Xbox got Musa and Ninja first year of release. Says xbox 2016. Or did they mean PC?
  14. To be fair. If you would read the description before you purchase something. You would not have this issue. Item description actually states that the name changes both character and family will happen after each server maintenance/major update. It also states not to delete your character because it will be voided and you will lose your Pearl's. So this is on you and not PA. As they warned you before purchasing and also in description of the items. I'm not trying to be mean but a lot of people have issues like these because they do not READ. And it gets old.
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