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  1. What are my options if I want to look better? I'm talking about armor/gear and not really my character face. What sort of options are there outside of spending pearls or loyalty points? I might actually play a warrior if I could look like I'm wearing knightly plate armor. On my wizard I kept the same basic robe appearance from level 1 until now at 53.
  2. I generally prefer faster/higher sensitivity so I can react more appropriately to situations. I'll settle for being able to change it. Zooming out and increasing my turn speed would do a world of good. My teleport casts in roughly half a second and I can change the direction during that time, so it needs to be quicker so I can effectively teleport backwards.
  3. In short, somehow I seem to have been losing the main quest. Assuming the main quest is the one(s) followed under "Story," I sometimes have no quests except for a single one from the black spirit telling me to level up to the next level. I went online and found a quest I had missed and went back to get it and it turned out to be a "Story" quest but I would've never found it without going online. I'm wondering if there are other story quests I've missed or how I can know in the future if I've missed an important quest along the way.
  4. Hello, Is there a way to zoom out my view so can see more laterally and behind me? Also, can you increases the sensitivity that the camera and/or character turns sideways? It feels sort of sluggish. I know it can't be as snappy as on PC but I can usually turn much quicker and am unsure where the settings are or if we're stuck turning this slowly.
  5. Honestly, if this game was more buggy for me I could see myself leaving it pretty easily.
  6. Is this open world or instanced? If I'm not in a guild can I run by a node war and see a bunch of people fighting? And if I am in a guild do I have to enter the fight or could I happen upon a node war if I was in the right place (and server) at the right time? I don't think my guild has any forts, but it might be worth talking to my guild leader to see what he foresees in our future. Do you know if people on ps4 have started participating in it since it just came out yesterday?
  7. Hello, this is just a generic combat wizard thread. I'm hoping discuss do's, dont's, tips, tricks, and tactics for wizards. I am looking for information regarding combat with wizard or witch, strictly pre-awakening. I'm on ps4, but the "classes" section of the forum is missing and I figured the xbox players have more experience anyway. I've done little PvP as my gear is crap, but I'm sure that when I go in I'll have no idea how to effectively use my skills. I'm hoping to hear from wizard players about what they've found success with. I've been killing mobs fine with lightning chain, fireball + explosion, and lightning + residual lightning and my utility spells have mostly come in handy, too. But I rarely use meteor, blizzard, or earthquake and when I do it's usually not very effective. As a result I haven't upgraded them and they don't do amazing damage. Do you guys use mind training for bonus casting speed? I can't seem to figure out if it's worth it or not, I can hardly tell the difference. I've invested 30 skill points into +5% casting speed since I figured it was a good number and cheap enough on the points. Are there any good combos other than using sage's memory to instant cast meteor or blizzard? What abilities am I more likely to be using in PvP? I just don't feel like I'm properly coordinating my spells and part of that is because I don't have all of the buttons memorized and I don't need all of them to kill mobs anyway so there hasn't been much pressure to add abilities to my rotation. I pretty much spam lightning chain and use explosion and residual lightning to kill off larger groups or tougher foes. Are ice spells used much in PvP? They seem like they'd be good but I don't see many frozen enemies in pvp videos.
  8. So does the fort on the node only exist in a single server? And when does the node war happen? I can't imagine there's a 24/7 battle on the node. Can you elaborate? And is this the same as conquest?
  9. What are these, how do I participate, and what should I know going in?
  10. Or the bugs on top of a frustratingly confusing game made them decide to quit. Even if all games are buggy, not all games are equal.
  11. I've gotten myself pretty squared away, though it's clear there's still a ton I haven't figured out. My horse had no issues last night, except I left it at a random stables somewhere and I'm not sure where. I'm hoping I'll get my t5 horse soon, but this quest chain is confusing. For the past 2 levels the quest has simply asked me to get to the next level, which is taking a decent chunk of time now that I'm in the 50s. Also, I cannot accept any of the quests under the "suggestions" tab. Every time I click one it brings open the black spirit who simply calls me a baby and says I can do it on my own. This leads me to believe I can simply go to the quest location and do what it asks, but I'm unsure how I can get any credit. Regardless, I have been getting plenty of black stones from grinding which is what the quest rewards are, so...
  12. Oh, I see. I've got 44 days of that from somewhere.
  13. What's a value pack? Just like a bag of goodies? How much are they?
  14. When the mount moved through other character models (PCs and NPCs) it would get knocked out of rhythm and end up stopping, but it also did it for random reasons such as the hill got a little steep. It was very annoying, but maybe it was a temporary lag-glitch thing. Maaaaybe a button got pressed, but I really don't think so as I'd have noticed that in other games in the past. Oooh, weird. Can you cancel a bid? I 'spent' several hundred silver on my 50 beers and if they haven't arrived today than I'll figure something else out and would prefer to cancel the bid since getting them next week isn't useful to me. Is the central market a good place to make money? I have no idea what stuff is worth trashing, keeping, or selling for a good price. Is there any easy/beginner-friendly way to discern if an item is worth selling on the central market? And do vendors pay different prices for things, like should I sell my arms to an arms dealer or are they worth the same at any old vendor?
  15. Say I was willing to spend $15 a month on this game like some other MMOs, what would you recommend purchasing? What would you purchase if you had a free $15 worth of pearls a month? I know it's not a huge amount of money, but I'm just wondering how my life in the game might look if I was spending a bit of cash.
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