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  1. oh they fixed the warrior bug. but they also removed all my pets by doing so
  2. You can test this out, go onto the central market and buy 40 Good Feed. watch it preorder for 3 weeks. (this can be confirmed by a GM checking my game data, i give permission) but, cancel the preorder (as you can't buy anymore when the preorder is up) and buy 10 good feed, 10 good feed, 10 good feed, 10 good feed. instant access. Do the same with Black Crystals or anything else. Sometimes the system will put it on Preorder even if it's 1 item. But cancel it, log out log back in and redo the order... and suddenly it's instant. The central market is borked.
  3. i know how they work, but this isn't it [wish our boats came with lanterns]
  4. Ahh yes i've too... uhh... something... something... something
  5. it's not your tv, and it's not the playstation [spoken to support, and even if you change it manually on the PS4 it does nothing], it's the game that's doing it. take a screenshot and upload it, you'll see it shows everything. Even in videos uploaded you won't see what you can see on the tv. poor optimisation is all it is. it'll get fixed in a future patch at some point.
  6. it just makes a clicking sound if i press R1 or L1 (not had this issue with the rafts/rowing boat in Velia or anywhere else)
  7. You know when your character forgets how to cut down trees, in the area the game tells you to cut down trees i call it bugged. but then there's a LOT of bugs
  8. maybe if any GM ever looks at this thread a screenshot might help. this does not go away, it's annoying especially as it disappears when you go into the menu- you come back out, and pop it's back
  9. according to PlayStation support it's definitely at your end. the top is slightly cut off but not if i upload screenshots to facebook - just while playing
  10. i'd post the link, but the forum seems to think a link from their own website is spam. (which makes no sense but then their chat system is also a joke; when 'night' is censored it is stupid) but it's on the news section of the main page [nothing about the UI being fixed for some though]
  11. could be, but they couldn't continue doing that.. For the PC : Female Classes 11 Male Classes 7 Currently for Xbox Female Classes 5 Male Classes 5 now PS4 Female Classes: 3 Male classes: 3 So it has to be two of these. and we can't take the xbox's previous updates into account because they got ALL 4 at once Striker Musa Lahn Dark Knight
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