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  1. LF EU PS - Active Guild Hello all, I am an active player looking for a medium/big sized guild. I try to balance my irl work with gaming,sometimes it works just fine sometimes pfff....well you know...live and learn. Luckily due to my work, I am pretty much online in one way or another 😉. I am looking for an active guild to enjoy what BDO has to offer PVP/PVE, Bosses, and so on... - I sometimes manage to play late at nights/early morning so i am not excluding NA but...being based in the middle of Europe/CET 1 makes that a bit tricky. Drop me a Dm here/in-game/discord and lets have a chat. - Discord Mr1N01sy(ThefilthyFew)#4177 - Game Family name : TheFilthyFew Have a super day and good luck with drops!
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