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  1. Leaderboards would be really good for all the competitive people. I could see guilds trying to one-up each other which would be pretty dope. I also see why it might not be a thing yet though since it’s doesn’t really change gameplay. Still, different features attract different people and it’d be nice if the fan base for this game is active and healthy.
  2. Trading would be really cool! Although I can see how it could get abused too so they’d probably need to think about certain ways to limit it. Also PvE Bosses that do more than just stand in the same place and spam random attacks are great! I like when they have a gimmick, or a weakness that you gotta figure out rather than just being bullet-sponges.
  3. I’m sure a lot of the people here have already been through a couple of other MMO’s, as well as being PC vets switching to console for Black Deserts eventual release. Were there any mechanics those games did right that could work if they were introduced to BDO? Wanted to see how the community felt coming from PC.
  4. Whenever we actually make it to the beta what class do you guys think you’re gonna try first? I think the Ninja looks pretty dope, but i might go for Tamer too since i like the idea of having a pet that i can fight with.
  5. I wouldn’t freak out too much dude, literally all they announced was that the website would be up, you thinking that there’d be a release date or anything else was just a conclusion that you came up with, with zero evidence. I’m sure we’ll get it soon but until then we have to be patient and wait it out.
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