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  1. So hello guys, about this topic, I accidentally complete this quest by different dusty book location, the location of interact dusty book is beside Koi that have two Apprentice Alchemist..i sit beside the right of Apprentice Alchemist just spam press the interact of Dusty Book, by option no2 accidentally working for complete the quest. i don’t know its the correct one or have a problem there?? i’m not sure but I hope this information will help you guys out.. Sorry for trouble.
  2. Hello player and support team, the problem is BD PS4 the black spirit quest, Searching for Clues from Koi. Asking you to find clues about the Origin of Clear Water. After google and searching on internet, the quest suppose to be complete when interact Dusty Book beside of Apprentice Alchemist near of entrance of Caphras Cave. Unfortunately, the interact Dusty Book is missing. I hope team support will fixed this issue as soon as possible. Thank You.
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