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  1. As far as I'm aware, you'll only be able to ever have 4 pets summoned at one time. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that there's plans to change this.
  2. Not worth it to pump regular reforma into weapons and gear. Farm hunter seals and exchange them at tarif for grad 3 reform stones. Take 10 of these stones and heat them with a sharp or hard crystal shard and you'll end up with an ultimate reform stone. Guaranteed ultimate.
  3. Yeah, servers are region specific, sorry boss.
  4. What class (makes a huge difference) ? Id say Go for 300 accuracy, but honestly at 50 your bottom of the pole for pvp so be careful the fights you pick out in the world lol.
  5. Currently trapped in a guild with guildie whose inactive and cant leave because no guild funds to buy out contract til it expires. Once I'm free of those shackles I might be down to clown.
  6. What they said, you can get pretty steady xp from side quests? 1-2% per and they usually take 30sec to 2min. Also dailies, pretty much anything that gives you that yellow XP orb. At 58 now and otw to 59. Dunno about 60.
  7. Well this is an interesting fact to learn. R.i.p.
  8. There is a ton of games that dont region lock but just use region specific servers and hosts (Ark, Conan, Battlefield, etc.). Its not a PSN thing it's a Pearl Abyss thing, unfortunately I don't see a region lock coming off anytime soon.
  9. Trying to find a good spot myself at the moment for this since we dont have awakening or a lot of the map yet. I've been doing loads of side quests, still get a decent bit of exp. I'm at 57 and about 20 minutes at Kusha doing side quests and I had gained like 20%. Sausans is good if you can get a rotation and have a group or the AP to solo.
  10. Combination of bad luck and a complete lack of supply. When theres more liverto amulets there'll be more on the market.
  11. A big part of its lag because of the sheer number of people. Talking hundreds on each server every time. They need to release some more world bosses or figure out another way to make it less laggy. Needs an effort/RNG balance.
  12. I get the same issue, I'll be teleporting around with my sorc and I'll be swinging directly at him and be hitting nothing. Not to mention the random moments when my screen freezes and I end up dead.
  13. I've been running roaring chest piece with Agerian for the other 3 pieces. Ult yuria/roaring talismon. Any recommendations? I've been thinking of getting grunil up but I love the casting speed boost I get from the Agerian set.
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