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    Do they plan to add more channels to the game? Since the merge we only have one dedicated ps Ch, most channels are overrun, I don’t care about more dedicated ps just more channels.
  2. I was still getting way more before the relic event than i am now, I'm convinced they screwed the drop rate
  3. Has this valentine event decreased their drop rate? I got none last night and 1 or 2 previous nights, this bottle event is crap in comparison. Im fishing in Tarif in an abundant area.
  4. I come from PC BDO, the game is very much alive, community isn’t like PC, the way I would describe it is on PC it was a marathon PS4 is a race and that’s how people tend to play the game. Game has awful pop in and invisible walls, but if you can bypass that issue then you should have fun!
  5. I shouldn’t have to upgrade my system this isn’t the pc version, if it’s released on PS4 it should run well otherwise don’t release it! Ridiculous.
  6. Thought I would try out the red battlefield as the rewards are better, o my god it runs like **** enemies don’t appear, allies don’t appear, pinging around the map, massive lag spikes. Has it always been this bad? This game is so badly optimised.
  7. I have been killed like 3 times in the many hours I have played, just change channel and move along it’s not really a reason to stop playing
  8. I’m EU XD I’m a casual player just like to play and chill, can you link you discord via DM? I need a home :3
  9. What’s your guild name? Are you mainly PVE ? ... are you still active?
  10. Well for me it makes sense I don’t want the pet spending their energy marking resources such as nodes when I’m grinding
  11. Cheers I appreciate that! I think I totally missed the point of BDO for myself on pc I never once focused on my GS and was still decently geared
  12. Hi gang! Well I’m just put this out there but I feel so overwhelmed right now with this game! I’m feeling loads of pressure to advance my gear score in my guild and it’s sucking the fun out of it, and all we speak about is advancing gear score nothing else. I feel like PC was so staggered that it allowed people to advance slowly and everyone was in the same position basically and was more personal! I log on and I just feel compelled to grind and be super efficient, you know I work 9-5 etc so it’s difficult to be competitive especially when it’s RNG based, and then after my TRI failed (after loads of people popped 1st time) I am feeling super demoralised which I know is so stupid! I thought this game was a slow burner play for years but I just feel burnt out already trying to rival people who are lvl60 with a GS 400+ I love this game and I quit on PC after my enhancement failed and I don’t wanna go down the same path! This ultimately comes back to my thread title, I was always told this game is a marathon but I feel like this is a race a race to what? We all know this is a grind fest and I’ve seen the keenest players quit due to nothing to do
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