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  1. Could we have a method to look at quests that have been completed?
  2. Known issue post this morning says imperial delivery is not resetting
  3. Hmmm idk. I just hold down Circle and L2 the whole time. As soon as I see the drift animation start, I flick L forward. So downright >up or downleft>up
  4. Considering the effort to get t7, 45 mil is almost insulting
  5. Yea, I got a t6 brown cow with grey braided mane. Soooo ugly! Currently similar skill numbers and lvl. What we call 'dumb' horses, not able to learn - poor things.
  6. Did you'se guys install BDO on the external or just the fact that you have external storage device helped?
  7. Hmmm, I can’t really check quests done, but I’m pretty sure I’ve done all of the life skill beginner through skilled knowledge quests that start in Heidel. Is there a specific knowledge chain you can point me to?
  8. I am artisan 3 in processing. I thought Standardized timber was not in game because they were not dropping (and ticket created gave no true resolution). However, while in pilgrims haven one dropped while chopping logs. So, while in port Epheria I started processing. 500 logs and no drop. I moved to sand grain bazaar and processed logs and got one Standardized timber from 400 logs. this appears to be a location bug and/ or a proc rate bug. At one timber per 400 logs, I would need over 300,000 logs to make a sailboat when they are added to game.
  9. I'm not a pvp'r either and I remember being really worried about this the first time I turned 50. In 4 months, that character was never attacked, ever (Lahn on PC). I was attacked last night in Helms while on a witch alt (on PS4). I ran, hoping he'd give up but he didn't. So I turned and 2 shotted him, lmao! I still left the server because I didn't want the drama, but it was good to know I could defend myself...
  10. I've been holding off on breeding my t5s. When will t6-8 be in game? Both of my t5's are lvl 28. At this rate, I'll get them to lvl 30 before I can breed them. I guess that's good for the t8 chance, but I'm gettin antsy...
  11. Heyla, Can we make it so we can see the horse skills when viewing a stabled horse. Right now, I can only see skills if the horse is out and using the '?' menu. Also, where is it that tells us what tiers are currently available for taming and breeding? My T5 horses are almost maxed but I don't want to waste breeding if I can't get anything higher than T5. When will PS4 get full horse tiers?
  12. Friend has the same issue, just different quest. Black Spirit is the giver, but he has nothing. Can't abandon cuz he doesn't have it. Stuck progression... Any response or are you still stuck?
  13. It also overlaps quest list. Super annoying and frustrating.
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