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  1. Yea they changed it a little. Click on +13 then around where you would see the box to "choose quantity" is now a selection box for "choose your enhancement". Just change it to what your looking for.
  2. You are probably right. Didn't think of that. Thanks. I'll keep a better eye on the schedules lol
  3. I'm always learning new things. Been around a year now. You can go to any stable and view your horses. It will state where it is stabled at. You can also remote retrieve your horse. I did it once when I was to lazy to run back 2000. lol Yea, that quest about leveling is with you from now on. I have had it since 50 and I am 57 now. It just changes to the next level up. Suggested tab is bad about that. A lot of those require you to have completed something or another quest first. They do not tell you that. When I run into that now, I just google it and find out what the requirement is. Then decide of i am going to do it now or later on.
  4. I have been killed by them in the past when I got stuck on a fence or something, but they are usually hanging around when I return. This time was different. I was in the middle of the road just a little ways away from Velia and the system said I was killed by a Character name.
  5. So, I was under the impression that if your character was below 50 you could not be attacked and killed? I have a level 20 character I was afk running to increase breath and came back to her dead with the message "You were killed by" I won't list the name here. But you get the idea. Before I go lodging bad bug reports I thought I would ask to make sure I was not mistaken. Thoughts?
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