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  1. Urek Mazino

    Slowly becoming unplayable..

    I play with the xbox one fat and i dont have any problem 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Urek Mazino

    When we getting new classes

  3. Urek Mazino

    Suggestions for Wizard Lv50

    Thankkk 😀
  4. Urek Mazino

    Suggestions for Wizard Lv50

    Thank you so much!! Amazing guide, i want to add you but if i do it i will ask you so manny question 😆😆 so thank you I’ll do my best!!
  5. Urek Mazino

    Suggestions for Wizard Lv50

    Hi im new in this game,i dont know if im doing good or not im still 81Ap and 75Dp Lv50 Wizzard,(Yuria staff,agerian set),im always watching guides but i cant understand enough.. thank!!
  6. Urek Mazino

    MS allowed this game onto Game Pass?

    You guys should stop the fight for the chat and those stuff “game is dying”,,, let us “the new players” enjoy it, don't pay attention to the toxic chat, all the games are like that, they will get banned one day... peace ✌🏻
  7. Urek Mazino

    MS allowed this game onto Game Pass?

    Yup,, Lol
  8. Urek Mazino

    Xbox timed exclusive Class

    Lol you guys got the post for ur fight lmao
  9. Urek Mazino

    ULTRA - Recuiting with the intent to train.

    NA servers?
  10. No matchmaking, I prefer go with my guild and some easy dungeons,, solo.
  11. We should get something different from pc, i dont know some kind of dungeons....i wish we could get dungeons
  12. Im sorry with all respect but is not too soon for new clases?? im sorry
  13. Urek Mazino

    linking my account

    I linked it via the game,when you go to profile on the game there is some place that say link account....
  14. Urek Mazino

    Share Your Gamertag, Region & Family Name!

    Im new on this game 😆 but here is my gamertag: Lepi17DR
  15. Urek Mazino

    Account Linking

    I cant link my account,can someone tell me how to do it pls