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  1. Hi, i'm WonderWeiss. Currently i'm a level 53 Wizard, i'm new to the game and still learning. Though i'm serious about the guild im willing to join so i'm trying to see what guilds are willing to give me a spot. Im looking for a serious guild that is active and participates in the game, preferably a guild that also has a means of communication outside of the game like for example Discord. Not only am i an active player but i'm also a graphic artist, so i can provide the guild with banners and signatures/logos to use on the forum. What you get in return from me ? A dedicated player willing to learn the game and help the guild inside and out of the game Active player that plays hours a day, everyday. Graphic designer if need be. What i expect ? Active guild, mature players, kind and people willing to help others. Active participation in the game ( Guild wars, nodes,quests etc) Active on communications inside or outside of the game, for example Discord. Messages like "Join Bulldogs we are active" will not be taken seriously, please explain to me what the guild is about, how many members, and what the daily activities are. Atleast make it worth my reading time. GUILDS THAT HAVE DISCORD OR ANY OTHER MEANS OF COMMUNICATION HAVE AN EDGE. - WonderWeiss
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