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  1. I think so! I can’t remember for sure but the one of them was from blackspirit quests!
  2. All your posts are complains and drama! Why you don’t chill a bit and give it some time or just try another game? You can’t achieve anything with this reaction! im also dying for lahn and some updates but I don’t cry all over the forum!
  3. I have one T5 male and a T5 female horse from quests!
  4. L2+Right dpad you can see it at the bottom of your screen(sword icon)
  5. I had try ffxiv! Only the trial! Yea it has some better optimizing but it’s not an open world,it’s like instances all the game if I remember well! Also I remember in high population towns had also terrible FPS! For sure doesn’t have these glitches with npcs but overall bdo it’s better in every aspect of gameplay! Ffxiv has cartoonist graphics while bdo has realistic and more demanding!
  6. I’m not a developer to tell for sure if they can do a lot but you can’t compare a single player game with a MMO!!
  7. Have you try change screen size settings from your tv?
  8. I can’t disagree about optimizations problems,yes there are much of them but we have to understand this game needs better system hardware than a console can offer so we have to live with that for now! There aren’t much that developers can do for this! Also why roadmap 2019 should be a lie? Game released 2 weeks ago and already got an update and two new classes! There isn’t a reason to complain about!
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