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  1. Updated alliance and added the mastered and upgraded guild passives!
  2. updatd the guild passive skills!
  3. Updated our passive guild skills
  4. Updated guild description and discord clarification
  5. Updated description. discord clarification
  6. Family Name: Wiser Region: NA Link: https://twitter.com/Drestat88/status/1187243214455136257?s=20
  7. Updated guild description and added passives list
  8. Updated Description and added Guild passive list
  9. We have a lot more guild skills
  10. We have a lot more guild skills
  11. Hey mate! make sure to join our discord. We can then coordinate when youre on so that I can send you the guild invite In-Game! Will look at my friend requests (I have many since I stream sometimes) and make sure to accept yours!
  12. Thank you Auhri! Glad to have you!
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