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  1. It would be interesting to share mounts with guild members, and or party members. When it comes to the guild, a guild stable could be viable at the cost of renting said mount from a shared guild stable. A fixed rate for an x amount of days taken directly out of their daily pay if contracts are at or above a 100 day contract. The player that inputs the mount would be able to set the price required to rent said mount, but could retrieve said mount for any purpose necessary by paying off any remaining contract for breeding purposes or to simply sell the mount. Though mount leveling should be altered at a decreased rate because it shouldn't be used for leveling, but merely as a way to gain increased contribution to the guild, with a minor increase to earned daily income, all the while easing some transportation burdens. When it comes to party shared mounts, it would be nice if a party member could drive another party members fishing vessel when ecoloring and questing. This isn't necessarily important, just a slight inconvenience.
  2. You'll be back. I have a friend that is just like you, but failed to see the bigger picture of the game. Everyone here claims end game material is where it's at. You've only managed to see one aspect of the game. If, one day you decide you want to learn more about this game, come and talk to me. I managed to change my friends view and opinion. Maybe I could change yours. But enjoy borderlands 3 for now.
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