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  1. Nautilus is currently recruiting more members for our EU server! We are an international guild with players from Europe and Australia/NZ. We have regular node wars, guild quests bosses and many other activities! Discord is preferred but not a requirement, and a Recommended GS of 380 (we have members who can help you grow!) Anybody interested should message me or Colton on psn on the following id’s: jay_wiggy ColtonXV We look forward to hearing from you!
  2. We now own 2 nodes, 3rd to come! Come join us now and help us get even stronger!
  3. We now own a node! More PvP players are needed to help us grow even more!
  4. We are a medium sized guild mostly based from the uk. Highly active and competitive but friendly and helpful to new players too. Primarily recruiting more PvP players for node wars but we accept all player types and skill levels! We will help you grow! No gs or discord requirement (though both are recommended to participate in node wars). we have many daily active players, experienced pc vets and a bunch of guild buffs to offer in return! We are out doing stuff together daily whether it’s guild scrolls, nodewars guild missions or just all meeting up at kzarka or lifeskilling together. There is space for every play style! if your interested message me on psn jay_wiggy as I may come here to bump the thread but will otherwise be busy in game grinding!
  5. We are looking for all types of members to join our small but very active guild. We are mostly in our 20s - 30s and based in the Uk. Accepting all people at all levels. Pvpers, life skillers, pve players. A mic is not essential but definitely preferred for those looking to participate in node wars. We have guild skills unlocked (gathering, accuracy, ap buffs) and are busy filling the guild bank for guild house and node wars! 30 day contracts, bonuses when available! We welcome all people and all nations though we all speak English as a main language. We like banter as long as your not racist or abusive! We will be busy grinding so unlikely to check here for replies. So just add my psn jay_wiggy or meet in serendia 1 and ask for Yorkshire and we’ll come meet you.
  6. Hello Mate! I’m at work atm probably showing online as afk crafting. Just add me on psn and I’ll get you in. Should be online from about 5pm uk time
  7. Still here and still recruiting! 15+ active members now Node wars this week!
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