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  1. Because this game is not a "take your time and enjoy the scenery" game. It's just not; Not in any way. That's why the people that play it like it. That's why I look forward to it. I do not mean to insult you. This is just not a casual MMO at all. If you intend to enjoy the game's content, the content pretty much IS the race to progress.
  2. I have barely even played the PC version of this game and even I can tell you a cap at 50 (particularly 50) not only walls off content, but I can't see that it does not wall off the entire end-game considering this is a grinder. If they are trying to change the game to casual for Xbox, then I personally do not care to play the game anymore. That is just my opinion and I do not require anyone to share it. Also, anyone that thinks these vets can't have a toon to 50 in a day needs to rethink that and for those of you willing to take their leveling advice, i am sure you'd have a toon to 50 in a day too. I am not saying any of this simply to whine because of a cap. It's the fact that a cap in that particular place in this particular game is looking like an obvious content wall intended to support a "launch" motive. Not knowing what that motive is leaves us all to imagine the worst. I'm not looking to argue, just stating my opinion that they have actually gutted end-game "for launch". That is rather scary to me. Just opinion.
  3. Good info to know, as I was going to preorder today as well. Honestly haven't followed much and just waiting on a launch date since I was here around a year ago.
  4. I would like to express my rant as well. End rant. But seriously, I am not believing much til I see it here. Seen too many promises go down this rabbit hole for years in the past. Playing what comes along until I actually see something. Not gonna get too worked up over it (hopefully).
  5. Simon, if they are in your price range, I highly recommend the A50s with the upgraded earpiece kit. The add-on kit makes a lot of different on background noise and comfort. I love mine. A40s ARE nice, but again, I am just a wireless junky. I literally get tangled in things with cords. *Edit* just a tip for the Astro users: You can buy Lapel Microphone Windscreen kits for next to nothing on Amazon that more people use for Astro Boom Mics than actual Lapel Microphones. Here are the ones I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006HNQQ66/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I, for one, am absolutely bursting with anticipation the hear from The Audio Team at this point. Wait... I had an extreme moment of stupidity there. Of course, the Dev Team. P.S. Thanks for the update, or at least the inclusion in the process.
  7. Seems we are all users of fine headsets.
  8. We are going to have to have that age contest someday. I am used to always being the oldest gamer in the group. Some have came close, but I usually win
  9. I think, at least in the older gen A40s I had, there was not a flip-up mute feature. Its been few years though. This Astro rep says no: http://forums.astrogaming.com/index.php?threads/astro-a40-trs-flip-up-mic-mute.182379/
  10. I will absolutely agree with you that, having owned the A40s previously, the controls crammed into the sides of the headset is the worse of the two configurations; The mix-amp is nice. I just really like the wireless part, so it's a tradeoff I made. The real fun thing about controls up top is when you are right in the middle of a conversation and you move your head against the couch and turn the headset off. Thats the same on any wireless pair though. I will say it happened MUCH more with the TB 800x. I returned those and switched to the A50. As far as the mute, a good feature of the A50 is muting when you move the mic-boom into the upright position. However, you have to be careful that it pops into the mute position, because I went to the bathroom in the middle of a Destiny raid once and broadcasted the whole thing because of that
  11. The A40s are a wonderful headset. I am cord-a-phobic so I have the later generation A50s with the upgraded faux leather ear cups and top band. They went through a rough patch with bugs for a while, but by far, I think Astros are the most comfortable and have the best mic of any headset on the market. I was a Turtle Beach fan before that switch.
  12. I too feel the need to pay for the bag. That's why i play a month and get my money's worth when i do sub. I don't really mind the subscription fee though, as long as I'm having fun. Just hasn't been much fun grinding new toons lately. I played back in the early PC days, but I am way behind on Xbox version.
  13. Those same thoughts have crossed my mind for sure. I do think ESO is a decent game, but all my friends play shooters and the guilds ive joined seemed to be just shells of what they once were with just a couple people online. Don’t care for TERA. Just seems to be a dry patch when it comes to games right now. If I had a “fallback” it would be ESO right now though.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't want to invest time into something I am not going to play, so ESO and TERA are out. I did not really like TERA on PC or what I've tried on Xbox. I didn't know about the new Defiance game, though. I think it could go either way as good/bad. I didn't much care for the first game, but I was a big fan of the series. Unfortunately again, I am the type to sink my time into one game only, and the only way I'll look at any other MMO is if I do not like BDO for some reason. Until then, I have been hunting monsters... which is getting pretty old already. Path of Exile is a pretty good game. You kind of have to keep up with it though; Those developers move fast. Log out for a few weeks and everything has changed.
  15. Problem with this is, and I think you and I have agreed, there is no such thing as "XIM Support" that they can remove since it uses a controller. This is a request Microsoft could not possibly comply with even if they wanted to. Now, a petition about allowing devs to use real KB/M in games, that would at least be a valid request.
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