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  1. Who ever is playing on the ps4/ps4 pro got worse problems after patch 1.04 or 1.05? And if so, please state whats happening to you. What bugs, lags, glitches or issues you may have encountered during this patch so that we can draw a comparison on what is happening. Also do you find it strange they release 1.05 unannounced?
  2. And btw not to mention the invisible wall that just pops out of know where.
  3. Hello. The problem started to happen right after a random patch dropped, 1.05 which didn't kick me out of the game to download it like other MMO's on the ps4 but for some reason i didn't have to download it for 24hours. When i downloaded the patch alot of weird things started to happen. It took ages for me to talk to npc's. It took ages for me to render in towns and cities with npc's and players rubber banding all over the place. When i try to move outside the city, my game completely stops rendering and i can't even access my menu. My Black spirit rage bar is stuck at 80% and wont go futher up. I cant even access my storage manager to access my storage. And when i did get to interact with the storage manager, i couldn't do anything, i didn't allow me to move, it didn't alow me to access your main menu. Nothing. And when that bug doesn't happen, all of my storages is completely empty. Its not my internet connection because pre patch it worked fine, i deleted and re-downloaded the game but that didn't work either. Please help. Because i do enjoy playing this game but i can't if i even can't access my main menu
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