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  1. The motive of my post, is due to the fact, that i indeed made another account, my account is EU, i made a USA account, i logged on my USA account, but when i start the game im still on EU servers, do you now the steps to doing the region change on ps4 properly? would you mind, letting me know how to do so. thnx in advance
  2. @SoloTyrant im sorry but we have no problem playing Ark survival with our french, german, UK, us, friends all on the same server, thats not how ALL online games work.... this regions restriction is BS
  3. To whom it may concern, We are a group of 8 people, some from Mexico, some from USA and some from EU (spain), we are a tight group, a small family that we usually play together ARK Survival, we have never had problems joining each other on Arks servers. When we all decided to purchase Black Desert for PS4, the idea was to have everyone group up again to take on a new challenge, sadly the challenge hasnt been the concent of the game, the challenge has been the ability to group up together, doing some research, we found out that Black Desert is not a World Wide Server cluster, but instead is locked per county/zone, when we purchase the game, there was no mention regarding this. The only observation during the transaction is a statement that says "IMPORTANT: The objects incluided in the packages will only be sent to the server corresponding to the region were the product was purchased" no were in that sentense states " you will be locked to your region of purchase, you wont be able to join other regions, say bye bye to playing with your friends from other countryes" that there qualifies as a class action lawsuit, for selling a product with out full detail or explanation of purchase. Now all we want to know is there something you can do about it, if not, can we have a refund, all 8 of us, (pluse who ever else reads this and is having the same issue) since this game wont let us group up together, ( with out prior notice of purchase ) update: i found this post on Black Desert twitter account "Just a quick PSA: If you purchase #BlackDesert for your region, and want to change to a different region (i.e Buy in Europe but want to play in America) you can do so, but your characters and any pre-order bonuses will be tied to the server you purchase the game for." What are the steps to doing this on our European Friends on their PS4? Thank you in advance Miguel Barrera
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