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  1. See the thing here though is, why do you think that is? Like I said earlier, I really really believe that there is no information because they are sitting around trying to figure pricing out. I think that because, often times when a game has little or no information out about its release, a delay or cancellation happens, instead with Black Desert we heard nothing and then received an almost finished game in free beta, that’s different then I’m use to, not sure if you agree with my pricing decision conspiracy but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Im just so disappointed by this very nonsensical lack of discussion on the thread. Please if your opinion on this thread is basically to tell everyone that “anyone can do anything they want, including PA” go home, you’re drunk.
  2. Like I’m here posting over and over saying, ask questions, as the customer you aren’t entitled unless you want a gift, and if someone calls you “entitled” it’s ignorant and dangerous and only benefits the company. Why do you keep pouring through that, not answering anything I’m saying, writing a response in some sort of accent/shorthand, and then telling everyone to be adults. Are you copy pasting all this? Are you a bot?
  3. I think Black Desert Xbox isn’t just finished, it’s been done for a while. As in 90 percent of the game is over 80 percent done. I believe this based on the age of game and engine and functionality of the beta. You can go on and on trying to “disprove” that that beta was good enough to justify me thinking most of the game is done. I concede that I and no one other than those working on the game can know, but based off of what I see and have played I believe the game is mostly done. If you want to believe this game is out for years, had a very functional beta, but is months away from release, then fine. to me I can’t buy it, so my mind wonders, where it wonders is to the fact that they have, from what I understand, different peal shop items based on version. I think they are pouring though data trying to figure out what they should charge for their various items. I think that they also are trying to launch up against other games. The free beta weekend on Xbox coincided with the “classic wow” demo, I think that was somewhat intentional, and I had thought that was their main idea behind release, to fight up against another game and take users away from it, particularly another demo, but now as the weeks go by I really think they are stumped for what in game items should cost. This is vital to them because they are thinking if people hate the in game shop it’ll destroy the game, and they are also probably unsure how to sell the items to “console gamers” Of course I can’t say if this is 100 percent, but I think there is an argument here that it could be true and furthermore if it is, it’s a very strange thing, because if you have a great piece of art you should let us buy it then try to sell us more later.
  4. This can’t be real it just can’t. This guy is white knighting for a major company by saying “Hey if you think they should tell us a release date you are entitled” I’m calling that out so I’m a “white knight” This is not only an ignorant opinion it’s also dangerous. Secondly your post isn’t filled with spelling errors, it’s filled with you saying Y instead of Why, that’s so lazy. Everyone in this fourm should look at what I am replaying to and this pile of garbage I got back. These are the people that try to poison the forums. They say very general ignorant opinions, they rant they call people names, all the while pushing this very very fake idea that PA or any company for that matter would be right about whatever the topic is. I mean in this case I think the first posters point is that PA is shooting themselves in the foot by releasing zero info, and he’s right it’s a stupid business practice and I believe they are only not giving us a date because they are trying to figure out the right price of the adventure pack, again a very controversial business decision. So again if your only response to this is “your entitled” then I can safely say you are ignorant and biased and a liar.
  5. If a person asks a company to do a better job on a product or intellectual property, (we want more info therefore We may spend more money on the property) and you call those people “Entitled” then you clearly have a vested interest in the company. You are are quite literally insulting people, that’s what calling them “entitled” is, and you are doing it on behalf of a big company. I get get that in the gaming world we lable gamers as very loyal and they will defend companies that make something they love. However what your saying is so simple, basically that no company owes us literally anything, that you are using lawyer speak. I can’t believe no one will just come out and say you are so biased it seems like you work for Pearl Abyss. Now you’ll do the stupid internet “😂😂😂 I don’t work for them get your tin hat lol ok this guy is dumb right everyone” meanwhile you and honestly every person like you is the same, a fraud. Your opinions are not only insulting but irrational unless as I said you work for this company.
  6. Hopefully the more gameplay we watch will make the wait bareable, right? 😞 I’m going to cut together some gameplay of everyone chilling out and dueling during the fireworks, pretty sure you’ll be in that Jacs 😄
  7. Really awesome seeing same names from beta here on the forums, that being said, sorry for all the ESO jokes in game 😬 I was just really happy on Black Desert guys I’m sorry. Also I probably have a skewed view because I just want 2015 oblivion and I didn’t get it lol. Also shout out to the time money guys laying it down.
  8. Well listen I don’t completely disagree or dislike you, and I’m fascinated by various opinions, maybe you aren’t following in one way because I’m mentioning multiple things, but I also think you can’t answer the problem of skill gap. Saying you can beat the game faster than me gives you an advantage. To say “it has nothing to do with skill” is false, because yes it doesn’t make me better but if I can get further than you in a game like this, I am now better regardless of skill. As in Barry Bonds can say Anibolic Steroids “did not help my talent” but they made him stronger than others. So yea the boost doesn’t make you better, but come on, it’s just another sub that gives you an advantage. Also I don’t mind PA not listening to me. I’d rather hear the normal person’s opinion like you, because that sort of shows why games are made the way they are, and who is actually enjoying them. Because I definitely had some fun moments in ESO and it lead me to despise the game overall because I felt it didn’t deliver, interesting to see the opposite from someone.
  9. Also the market money increase is bad too, but get that EXP garbage out first then we can look at the rest
  10. Value pack is in the Black Desert Online so they could have a PC sub while telling the audience there is not a sub. It has literally nothing to do with people who have “more time” ESO is by far the only actual competitor as things like neverwinter are way to small. ESO down to the engine, gameplay mechanics, the cash shop, everything in ESO is bad and not made well. Also ESO is a full price 60$ release with paid DLC and Pay to access Races, Zones and Pvp and on top of that it has a sub that doesn’t give access to all DLC. This is a predatory business model and I guess the next step to your statement is “MMO games that charge less than this are stupid” And maybe you are right but people are really starting to hate Bethesda so maybe they went too far finally, the game isn’t fun so it’s an artistic failure as it is so if your art is bad I don’t know how they’ll get folks into fallout 76 But regardless, what about everyone who has time and money, the game is giving them an obvious advantage. Meaning it actually doesn’t matter about time or money, in current BDO having the value pack makes you better at the game due to getting EXP faster than literally anyone else. And also regardless dude since we already have to sub to the game, telling people “BTW there is a second sub that directly makes you better” is going to drive Xbox players away.
  11. Thank you kindly sir, I’ll try and put this into a longer “story of the last day of beta” video, hopefully in even better quality. I also realise now I’m just re-watching my gameplay over and over because I want more Black Desert 😂
  12. I think you have some very interesting points, what I would add though is also the interesting way gaming and art in gaming works. I think that that the game is already pretty good, so by slapping onto Xbox they get to automatically feel fresh, however yes they definitely will give us stuff on a staggered basis, however I don’t know if you agree but I think most of the game works and can be on consoles already, however for the sake of stability and continuity they’ll hold it back. However though what I guess I’m trying to say like I have in other posts is, we can talk lots about the game and it’s gamplay and systems which is it’s art, but I think the game is simply “first” so since it’s good and first it’s popularity is going to be extreme, however they can ruin all with certain cash shop items.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9s4P2ZKqcs Hope you guys Enjoy, I have some footage of the end of beta on Glish I'll upload later if you guys want, and I also have some thoughts on the use of the "Value pack" in game, Thoughts as in it shouldn't offer an EXP boost on Xbox due to us already needing a "Gold" subscription to play. I think they need to remove any EXP boost so that they can maximize active users. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure Microsoft has pay outs to content providers and publishers based on their active users, meaning that having the most users is most important, where as on PC even if you are the most successful in terms of users you could (in theory) end up losing money over time as active users cost money to maintain and aren't paying anything. Maybe this is incorrect, or it is correct and they still want to add EXP boosters to try and make as much money as possible, as I say, that will work, but it will cost them overall as that will hurt active users. I think the writing is on the wall for them as a company, Focus on BDO as an Xbox title, that is just pay for cosmetics, and not pay to win. Since there are no other MMORPG'S available on Xbox, any strategy, Literally any they use is going to net them lots of money, if it's pay to look cute or to win. Just hope these lovely Koreans aren't so naive to think they should cash in on us as quick as possible and that it will net them long term success, this game could dominate the system for years and they should recognize that and remove this PC pay for EXP gameplay feature.
  14. This is a very important game because it represents something that is not available for the Xbox, and with the new processor power of the X the opportunity seems to be here to get this thing ported over properly and doing so will create a personal niche for Black Desert, because as I said there is literally nothing out there like it. I believe this game and beta are going to be wildly successful not just because the game looks very fun, but just from a consumer point of view there is nothing even similar to this on the market. Im just curious if you guys for one believe the game will be wildly successful? But also do you guys believe that eso and black desert are really that much alike? Not that it’s a bad game ESO, but after playing ESO and seeing black desert, they look completely different.
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