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  1. We just bumped up guild size to make more room, friendly players welcome!
  2. Because it's an MMORPG, and not Mortal Kombat?
  3. Pets are given as login rewards sometimes, so there are free pets once in awhile.
  4. Thanks, just saw the in game message as well
  5. It's possible I just have bad timing, I appreciate your input
  6. Just wondered, not been able to get 1 trade in, over the last 5 hours
  7. Now that it is in, is it not refreshing every three hours? Everything says filled on every server I have tried.
  8. Agreed, no imperial trading, and hot spot fishing to this point is quite disappointing.
  9. Bump again, room for a few, +3 fishing and gathering guild bonus. Discord for game help, info, and shenanigans. Active players of any experience welcome.
  10. Hey, if you can add Vaeliux in game as friend on S2 he can send you an invite
  11. Bumped up guild size, room for more! If you're looking for a casual but active guild, come check us out.
  12. Bumpasaurus Rex: Room for a few more. Experienced or not, come get in on the action.
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