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  1. Hello, I recently decided to look for a guild in the PS4 EU section and the amount of stupid and disgustingly written posts from "guild leaders" is annoyingly big. They just write a simple 2 line like oh i made a guild come join me to kill the dragons! Should def be a type of template and guide on how to make guild recruitment notices which everyone should follow. People wanna know at least the name of the guild, its orientation and what skills/progress it has...90% of the posts i seen in the Guild Recruitment section include none of that as info and are just as good as spam.
  2. Hi im BELLUM 400+GS Zerker level 59, looking for a fishing guild on PS4 EU! My fishing GS is OVER 9000! Got a big harpoon which i kill Mediah goats with sometimes for fun, sometimes just coz im an angry giant. My boat is a BMW E90 with 400HP and 19"BBS on the side (got em from pimp my ride last season free) My rod...my rod i`ll show it to you later if i decide to join your guild, (wink) It s thick and big (once i slayed kzarka with it). I am very strong and big with vast knowledge of the ocean and its depts coz i swem trough it few times due to glitches in the game, have about 1289301 hours of swimming the Mediah ocean (No boats and costumes, they are for pussies plus i look like a whale anyway). Need to find friendly, mature and chill people to fish with cause i have an unstable mental health and might stab you with the rod at some point. 🤓
  3. Търся Български guild ако изобщо има такъв, PSN: WARLOGIX адвайте :)
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