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  1. Ok so like many other people i had never played BDO before it came out on Xbox, an when u start the game out it allows you to Measure your Tv screen or watever. well apparently i did mine a little wrong as now it cuts off right above my health bar not showing me what the little golden circles are, ( a friend told me it shows you'r energy, an other stuff) i went to display settings in the game menu but it only allows me to adjust my gamma, maybe in a future update we could possible get it to where u can re adjust your screen measurements in case of mistakes like this or changing tv's. if im a complete noob an there is a way to already change this plz somebody let me know for it would help my play exp alot
  2. Ok so ive done this quest 2 diffrent ways an it still hasnt worked. i entered observe mode on almost every pillar an looked at the faces of each pillar at almost every angel you can, an ive interacted with the statue an messed with the camera while in examine mode an yet it still wont allow me end quest. is this me just being silly or is this a bug from yesterdays update.
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