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  1. Yes, Ive tried every camera setting and it feels like there is some sort of lag with the joystick that will turn the character before and after the straffing moves. Its causing the camera to also forcibly turn the higher your sensitivity is. The sorcerer's strafing and evasive abilities are similar and do not have this issue. There is also a number of flow abilities that are flow abilities that wont go off if your joystick is not in the neutral position when you activate it. example tree climb -> scratch. I dont think this is intended since sorcerer has very similar abilities that flow and are not as finicky as the Tamer's.
  2. Issue resolved. No bug to rpt.
  3. Baines

    BDO loot boxes?

    I wont argue against this, because it's a bit of a grey area since this is a p2p game and the pearl items can sometimes provide an advantage to players who pay for items that cant be sold in the CM. I really just want to raise the suggestion to allow direct purchase instead of forcing people to obtain pearl items through RNG paid loot boxes.
  4. I'm not sure how how having more options for a consumer equates to anti-capitalism.... If a direct purchase option is available, it would mean more people would purchase this item because they know what they're paying for... Even the f2p players would benefit from this because the even skins could be sold in the central market for silver. In fact, the suggestion of direct purchase embraces the capitalism idea since the consumer has more purchasing power and it would bring in more revenue since the people who wouldn't buy loot boxes would now also purchase.... Could you clarify how this is negative? I'm failing to see how anything you've posted is constructive. It just looks like you're trying to shut down a discussion just because you're getting some strange self pleasuring benefit from all your negativity.
  5. I'm not going to argue against a f2p option for event items, but I'm also not against supporting a microtransactions store to support the development of a game I enjoy. I just dont believe any pay model that pushes RNG loot boxes is okay. Its extremely anti consumer and there are healthier ways of generating revenue without sticking it to the playerbase that's willing to support them.
  6. Baines

    BDO loot boxes?

    Listen, you may think you're on this pedestal of high morality, but replying with condescending remarks and degrading a person's discontent as, "pissy drivel" is also an emotional outburst. Put the hypocrisy baton down and hop on the emotional band wagon with us. I dont mind supporting a p2p game with buying content, but this loot box is selling me RNG not content. The 10 dollar price tag for it on top of this 6% RNG tag to an outfit I am seeking is insulting to a consumer. How would you like to walk into a brick and mortar store you like and be told to pay a flat fee to randomly pick from a basket of items which contain items you dont want just to get a 6% chance to obtain an item that brought you to that brick and mortar store in the first place? Please PA, don't make this a thing moving forward.
  7. 70 bucks for guaranteed bloody outfit. No thanks PA. I'll keep my money.
  8. Baines

    BDO loot boxes?

    RNG to "direct" purchase is not acceptable. Your need to condescend someone's discontent seems to be a clear indication you're just baiting for salt, so lets end it here. Yes I wasnt clear, now I have clarified. Thank you for your advice. There was no problem before with the last event when they out right sold the sailor outfits. My decision to no longer buy from the pearl store if they switch to a loot box model isnt a threat. Its a fact. If I am coming from this sentiment, then there is a good chance others will too. Please reconsider the loot box RNG fiasco. This is a great game. Dont ruinnit with predatory pay models.
  9. Please do not use these predatory models in this game. It will kill it dead. These pearl shop items are already high enough as it is. I have zero issues with buying direct, but this RNG lootbox will drive me away from the store if you attempt to make this an acceptable pay model. 10 bucks for a 6% chance at an event outfit. This is a joke.
  10. Baines

    BDO loot boxes?

    Can you tell me where the bloody outfit is at? I saw no such option for this 6% RNG roll. Unless your're here to actually provide factual answers, you should save your troll bait for another discussion. And my suggestion is to make sure there is a direct purchase option for pearl items. Although not very clear, it does not take much to deduce a suggestion from that.
  11. What is this nonsense I'm seeing with the most recent update? Halloween loot boxes? Are you kidding me? The pearl shop is already costly as it is. 10 bucks for more RNG is insanely predatory. Does PA give an ounce of f*** to their playerbase to at least allow us to purchase items direct anymore? If I see more of these lootboxes without direct purchase options in future updates, you can kiss this wallet goodbye.
  12. I agree, some of the non pearl, non costume crafted gear looks good. I'd pay for a costume ticket to skin it. If it's not a major development issue, I think PA should consider it in the future.
  13. I'm not sure what part of my post triggered you to categorize me as one of "those" people. Allow me to clarify. Most the arguments I've seen here, including my own, are refuting the need to justify a pve only server with very tangible issues that would take a significant amount of effort to implement for a not so clear # of playerbase, for issues that can be easily be solved with just staying at lv 49, moving servers, asking guildies for help. To brush off the idea of potential issues, instead of actually considering them, is condescending/ignorant and shows your lack of respect to the engagement. Of all the years I've seen this game active in, the voices calling for a pure pve only server is minimal. If you want this to be a thing, you'll need more than just a few stray of posters saying "hey, I only pve. Make it happen" you'll need a big enough following to get a business' attention. There has to be a justification or something more tangible than a few cry posts about griefers before anyone would consider this idea that will make PA more money.
  14. Even if the became a discussion for concept, a pve only server would have to be completely isolated (no server hopping, merging of CM) from every other server with a completely different path the game would need to take in terms of content. If anyone thinks pvp is just a "flavor" for this game, you would quickly realize how flavorless everything else is in terms of classes, depth of fighting mechanics, desire to obtain and upgrade weapons/armor/accessories, grinding mobs. You may as well just have a game with just 1 class with an AoE and hp/resource recovery ability just to life skill items that will barely sell since there is no purpose to obtain them from someone else. I can think of numerous positive/dynamic changes pvp has played a fundamental role in. Can you think of one thing aside from peace of mind that is positive if you take this element out? So either this is a troll post and someone needs to close this, or just stay at level 49 and you get all the perks from the economy from your life-skilling gameplay with none of the pvp "flavor" and still be able to be your true self. Honestly awakening/succession content isnt even needed if all you're doing is life skilling and aoe grinding.
  15. I'm pretty sure OP is trolling hard. All I am seeing in this thread is salt and bait.
  16. I agree some sort of bounty initiative would be an interesting mechanic to implement if a pker harasses a lower gs player for the sake of being a micky poor human being. Most people I've seen quit are caused by toxic red players and not the grind. Bad karma penalties dont quite send the same message like a good old dose of their own meds. I would personally be less likely to grief like that knowing there will be a lot of ppl incentivised to actively look for me to do to me what I'm doing to others.
  17. I kind of see where you're coming from, but I dont see how removing cron will make your game experience better. The last 3 tiers of enhancement are supposed to be mountains to climb. The impact of achieving them is the reward for the large risks and heavy grind you put into your gear. The easier you make to achieve this, the less the impact. Yes you can pay 2 win it. But the kind of money you would need to dump to do that, only a small few would even think about doing. Most people I've played with have put in some serious effort into maximizing their income generation and grind efficiencies through taking advantage of all the games mechanics to get their gear enhanced. This game has always been a grind. PA has some questionable microtransactions or pay model methods that I dont agree with, but crons is certainly not one of them.
  18. Is this a troll post? PvP is a main component in how this game flows.
  19. Pvp content is pretty good for grouping. Since it's a sandbox and there is no instance dungeons, grouping just doesnt make sense even for just grinding mobs. I feel like they'd have to make a whole new game to give what you're asking.
  20. First off I want to thank PA for porting the game to ps4 and the work they put into the accommodating a fully supported controller experience. I do have a suggestion with the keybind implementation. Please remove the additional action of moving forward with the L2 and Circle buttons. The ability to adjust the keybinds are amazing since the playstyle of each class requires me to prioritize specific buttons for com so and not having to retrain my muscle memory to each class is very helpful. But the additional move forward actions with the L2 and circle creates more pain points than it does make gameplay more versatile. The L3 and moving the left joystick action is more than enough for movement. Thanks!
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