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  1. Yeah, that error message needs to be rewritten into clear English. Problem is probably not at your end. That message is more accurately "The invited player is already in a party". Also note that people sometimes get confused by the UI and don't realize they are in a party by themself, which they still need to leave, before they can be invited to another party. @CM_Valtarra: regardless of exact cause of problem affecting the OP, perhaps a suggestion can be put in to the developers to fix the broken english on that error message?
  2. Has anyone even beat him? Yes ... ... but not often, for precisely the reasons the original poster stated. The OP is right: it doesn't make sense to have an event where most people can't even participate because they never have a fair chance of getting to the event. Most folks I have talked to have flat out said that they aren't even going to try, and consider the event to be a total failure. Random timing, and only 5 minutes of warning? I've missed far more hunts than I've participated in, because there was absolutely no possibility of getting there in time. Or I was doing something else that was too costly to interrupt. This needs to be on a fixed timetable, like Isabella! Incidentally, It does not help that the broadcast announcement that he is appearing does not appear reliably. Sometimes you hear the "roar" that indicates an event is happening but no corresponding popup message. Sometimes nothing at all. There are occasions where I would have missed him entirely had not other people called it out in chat.
  3. Hi @Takmatt, Thanks for confirming that you've seen it work this way too. Your description is exactly how I remember it working in the past, so I was a bit surprised it wasn't working for me now. To answer your question: yep I was getting the crops-need-water message, and no I wasn't trying to water them in the snow/rain [snow/rain would have solved it for me automatically, eh? :-)]. I was actually pretty surprised to low on water, given I was near Velia which usually doesn't have an issue with moisture. At any rate, some snow or rain did nullify the problem eventually. Mainly though, the reason I was trying to confirm that it should have worked as you said, is that I was trying to figure out if I was possibly encountering a bug with the new UI.
  4. Normally, that's true. But there are occasions where the ground moisture will drop and you will get alerts telling you that they could use watering. Failing to do so won't stop growth entirely but will slow it down (just like leaving them unpruned or bug-ridden). If you check the tooltips on water bottles you can see where using them to water your crops is explicitly mentioned.
  5. It is supposed to be possible to water crops using bottles of Mineral/Distilled/Purified Water. How is this done? I found that even when standing inside one's fence, there are no options to use bottles of water on your crops. I thought that when standing inside a fence, that using the "X" button on a bottle in your inventory would use it to water your crop instead of drinking it, but that turns out not to be the case. I don't see any other method for using the bottles in a different fashion than drinking them: No extra choices in the inventory panel; the L2 radial menu inside the fence doesn't add any options for watering either. I seem to recall being able to do this in the past without difficulty (I thought by using the bottle in inventory with "X" button while standing inside fence), so I am wondering if perhaps I'm hitting a bug with the new UI stuff. Tried googling this, but everything I could find was obsolete and PC-centric; nothing relevant to PS4. 😞
  6. Update: Some guildmates said that they found that un-equipping and re-equipping their weapons seems to cure the problem. Haven't tested this myself as the problem cured itself for me and hasn't recurred yet.
  7. New bug with recent update: The Black Spirit Energy Bar can get stuck at about 99.8%, and won't ever fill to 100%. So that one can never use one's "ultimate" black spirit rage attacks. Problem is intermittent, affects some characters but not others at times. No idea how to reproduce. Haven't found any solution; even restarting the game doesn't seem to impact it. Most of my guildmates have been complaining about this for days; finally saw it for first time myself today. Y'know, the MENU needs an entry which displays the exact version of the code you are running, so you can include that as part of any problem report! [PS4 installer says "1.26" but I've noticed that this number isn't always incremented for small updates].
  8. I have to agree with the OP that the new UI is a mess. A lot of the UI seems to have been reworked to fit a computer system where you are using a mouse. Which is wholly inappropriate for the console. I suspect Pearl Abyss was trying to create a UI that is unified between the PC and console world, but what they have succeeded in doing instead is creating a UI that will be equally reviled by both groups! What puzzles me the most is why Pearl Abyss is putting resources and effort into this at this point in time, when so many other issues such as the terrible performances issues, stuttering and low frame rates, invisible walls, constantly resetting ring menus and other config, and so forth, are driving players away. Seems like a very bad business decision. A partial list of the Negatives: New UI is much clunkier to use and in many places harder to navigate. More "mousing" around with the joystick, more button-presses. The exact opposite direction of where they should have gone - to make it more streamlined and efficient. The new way that quests are presented and accepted is atrocious. So bad as to possibly drive new players to not even give the game a good chance before abandoning it. A minor quibble: Moving the weight slider on the inventory panel from a bar on the side of the inventory panel to a little bar on the bottom is bad, because now the bar gets obscured by the popup tooltips from inventory items. The manner in which the Attack Power, Awakened Attack Power, and Defense Points are now shown in the inventory panel is less obvious and will be that much more confusing for new or casual players. The trading minigame is clunkier than ever. The amity minigame is much clunkier. It wasn't great to begin with, yet worse now. Enhancement dialog is gratuitously different. Not necessarily worse than before (I admit I haven't used it yet), but does not seem better either. Missed Opportunities: A number of the buttons in the inventory dialog panel still lack tooltips that give clear indication of their purpose (mainly the ones that revolve around showing and hiding parts of your costume & gear). Inventory panel still does not have a way of showing exactly what your current stats are, including item bonuses, buffs, etc. The "View Details" button would have been a good spot to add a means to see all this. Moving items between storage, mounts, boats, and your own inventory is still clunky. The Positives are few and far between, and generally minor: A change which was long overdue: the ability to easily see what quests and knowledge are available from NPCs based on Amity, and how much Amity is required. The "View Details" on the Inventory panel adds easy viewing of slotted gems. Be interesting to see what other items people might add to these lists.
  9. Can't say I like this new UI. It seems like it is designed for people on a computer using a mouse, but not at all user-friendly for people using a console controller. It doesn't look bad, but it is more klunky to use. Especially at vendors, traders, and quest givers. I am glad that the devs are trying new things and I do think that there is room for improvement in the original UI, but in my opinion this last attempt went in the wrong direction. What do others think? Update: the more I use it, the more bad I realize it truly is. The UI for quest givers is now terriblel. It's clearly an interface targeted towards mouse users; which doesn't make sense for a console. One positive note though: I really like that when dealling with NPCs that give you knowledge, it now shows you what knowledge they have available and how much amity you will need to get it.
  10. Sounds like your Value Pack expired. You can move those items into open slots, but first you got to make some open ones! Or just renew your value pack.
  11. It's not just Germany. Performance on north American servers been so bad for the last week or so that the game is essentially unplayable for many of us. The performance is particularly bad if you are in a city or near a world boss, so it seems it might be related to the number of people around you. The framerates are so bad that it is like watching a slideshow.
  12. I have found the game performance to be dismal -- even worse than usual -- since the updates at year end. Constant stuttering, horrid frame rates that are bad enough to make the game essentially unplayable. The graphics performance is so bad that I can barely walk around because I can''t even steer due to way the game snaps your facing around after each stutter. Watching the screen is more like watching a slide show than seeing animation! Others experiencing this?
  13. It would be nice to get rid of the "toggle view' option when displaying list of guild members. Would prefer to just have 3 separate columns showing Character, Family, and PSN Id. The screen is plenty wide enough to support this; the "toggle view" option seems unnecessarily complex. As per other posting I made, having an "Idle Time" column would be nice too.
  14. It would be nice if the system could give you a hint to detect when guild and party members were online but apparently AFK. So you could tell who was really around versus all the people who are AFK-fishing/running/etc. So for example add an Idle Time column to any list of players which shows how long it has been since receiving input from their controller.
  15. On the bright side, at least Pearl Abyss finally seems to be acknowledging the problem. When I reported this by official ticket back on Sep 11 (the bug has been present since the product was launched on PS4), I was told "working as intended". THAT was frustrating. So, some progress. I think. I hope.
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