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  1. I never said "new character". None of the characters in question is new.. All of my characters had customized ring menus. All of them eventually had their menus reset. Multiple times.
  2. I am encountering a problem wherein the RING MENU keeps getting reset back to default for my various characters. This does not happen while actively playing a character, it is just that when you log into a character you may find that all your ring menu bindings have been mysteriously reset. It is unclear what the exact trigger for this is. I have tried but not been able to find a way to manually reproduce this issue. I have tried rapidly switching between characters, tried closing and reopening the application, even tried power-cycling the PS4, but without any obvious success. Yet it happens almost daily. Usually I encounter it whenever I start up the game for the first time on any given day. I have done google searches about this, and found many similar reports, both by PS4 and XBOX users. Apparently going back for a long time too. Didn't find it listed as a Known Issue anywhere though.
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