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  1. Those are good details ... HOWEVER ... both myself and many of my guildies frequently experience blue screens at kzarka and karanda. We're all PS4, but beyond that we have quite a variety in our systems. My own system for example is a plain vanilla PS4 with an external 4TB HD. I concede that hardware can always be a factor, and it is good to provide these details, but I think in this particular case the blue screening is fairly hardware-agnostic. Note: I'm not suggesting that the blue screening is limited to just the Kzarka and Karanda bosses, it is merely that our group hasn't been doing the other bosses enough to have any significant data about those. One other minor data point: as an experiment, I started making a point of restarting BDO from scratch shortly before going to any boss fight for a while -- in case the root cause might have been some form of resource leak. This DID NOT help. This does not prove anything in particular, I just mention it to point that I have been paying attention for a long time to stability of my game versus how long it has been running, and I have not seen any correlation. Neither for blue screens at boss fights nor the occasional blue screens I get just doing other stuff. BDO has a number of problems, but I've not seen any evidence that gradual resource leakage is one of them.
  2. Initially, it seemed that the patch that gave us cross play also fixed the RING MENU / CONFIG reset bug. At least, for me I had no problems after that point. However, the bug is back with a vengeance with the Mar18 patch. In fact, it appears that EVERY bit of configuration, not just ring menus, has been reset. All of these have been reset for me, across 15 or so characters: Ring menus Settings Quest filter settings Additionally, the global Character order (the order characters appear in load screen) has also reset again. A simple database update problem, that has been well known for over 6 months now, that they still can't manage to fix? Just ... wow. Hope others are having better luck, but for me, Aggravation limit reached. I do not wish to go back to wasting 30 mins each day just fixing config as my first daily grind chore. Time to shelve this game, I think.
  3. Just an odd thought .... considering that PS4 and XBOX are now merged and share the same content, shouldn't the forums (for most part) be merged too?
  4. Hmm? 5 star storage = 16 spaces. So that's just 40 base (assuming you have value pack) + 16 + 16 = 72.
  5. @CM_Valtarra: Thanks. I wish I could provide better details. Unfortunately all I can provide at the moment is I'm currently at 5420 limit, whereas previously I was in the 5500's (not sure what exact figure was). It is not a huge difference, but I cannot account for it either - doesn't seem to be related to any buffs for example.
  6. I've noticed that the capacity of the central market appears to have diminished by about 100. This seems to have coincided with the merger of XBOX/PS4 servers. Has anyone else noticed this change? Known issue?
  7. This blue screening on world bosses is getting absurd. Get exactly 1 Hit on boss, get a blue screen. Happens as often as not. Is there an ETA on a fix for this problem? This problem has been around for months; maybe even since game bosses were first available. It's not new, and is something that should have been a top priority fix ages ago. Yet still it remains. At the very least, when we reconnect, please give us the loot we should have gotten.
  8. I would have to agree with your general premise that Pearl Abyss is making what appears to be some very poor business decisions. Decisions that are costing them customers. A number of friends that used to play BDO have stopped, and others I know simply refuse to even try the game (Pearl Abyss is definitely gaining a bad reputation). Key reasons usually cited: Poor performance, clearly due to suboptimal software (i.ie. cannot be blamed on limitations of the hardware) Customer support that is incompetent, and disrepectful to customers (ever filed a support ticket? don't bother). Not fixing serious bugs, and in some cases even refusing to acknowledge bugs for extraordinary amounts of time (for example, the Ring Menu reset problem which has been in the game since it launched and yet is still present). Not fixing a broken PVP model that doesn't allow the average player to play in peace without being tyrannized by sociopaths ... people aren't going to pay or play a game when it ceases to be fun! Focusing on lower priority things, such as new content, or a terribly done rework of the UI, instead of critical issues like the above. We all love new content ... but it needs to actually work! I like the game. I have played it a lot. Still am. But I will admit that if a competitor comes along that can do even marginally bettter in the above regards ... i'll be gone. As will be most of the other players I know (the ones that haven't already given up in frustration). Pearl Shop? Most of the people I've talked to, including some of who are notorious for spending a lot in games, have flat out told me that they aren't going to put any (more) money into this game because of these issues. I spend a lot of time in voice parties with friends and guildmates, and yes, the issues mentioned above really and truly do tend to be frequent topics of discussion, and, assuming these people are representative of the general player base, then yes, BDO is losing both revenue and customers over these matters.
  9. Does Pearl Abyss have any policy at all about griefers in this game? This is supposed to be a game ... where people enjoy themselves ... but when players can't even do quests or progress because of some griefer ... there is no fun in this. For example, some high-GS pissant was constantly following and killing, even spawn camping, a couple of my guild members (a couple of preawakened characters simply trying to finish a quest chain and bothering nobody) ... seems like this should be a bannable offense. A little random PVP is one thing ... pure harassment is quite another.
  10. Yeah, that error message needs to be rewritten into clear English. Problem is probably not at your end. That message is more accurately "The invited player is already in a party". Also note that people sometimes get confused by the UI and don't realize they are in a party by themself, which they still need to leave, before they can be invited to another party. @CM_Valtarra: regardless of exact cause of problem affecting the OP, perhaps a suggestion can be put in to the developers to fix the broken english on that error message?
  11. Has anyone even beat him? Yes ... ... but not often, for precisely the reasons the original poster stated. The OP is right: it doesn't make sense to have an event where most people can't even participate because they never have a fair chance of getting to the event. Most folks I have talked to have flat out said that they aren't even going to try, and consider the event to be a total failure. Random timing, and only 5 minutes of warning? I've missed far more hunts than I've participated in, because there was absolutely no possibility of getting there in time. Or I was doing something else that was too costly to interrupt. This needs to be on a fixed timetable, like Isabella! Incidentally, It does not help that the broadcast announcement that he is appearing does not appear reliably. Sometimes you hear the "roar" that indicates an event is happening but no corresponding popup message. Sometimes nothing at all. There are occasions where I would have missed him entirely had not other people called it out in chat.
  12. Hi @Takmatt, Thanks for confirming that you've seen it work this way too. Your description is exactly how I remember it working in the past, so I was a bit surprised it wasn't working for me now. To answer your question: yep I was getting the crops-need-water message, and no I wasn't trying to water them in the snow/rain [snow/rain would have solved it for me automatically, eh? :-)]. I was actually pretty surprised to low on water, given I was near Velia which usually doesn't have an issue with moisture. At any rate, some snow or rain did nullify the problem eventually. Mainly though, the reason I was trying to confirm that it should have worked as you said, is that I was trying to figure out if I was possibly encountering a bug with the new UI.
  13. Normally, that's true. But there are occasions where the ground moisture will drop and you will get alerts telling you that they could use watering. Failing to do so won't stop growth entirely but will slow it down (just like leaving them unpruned or bug-ridden). If you check the tooltips on water bottles you can see where using them to water your crops is explicitly mentioned.
  14. It is supposed to be possible to water crops using bottles of Mineral/Distilled/Purified Water. How is this done? I found that even when standing inside one's fence, there are no options to use bottles of water on your crops. I thought that when standing inside a fence, that using the "X" button on a bottle in your inventory would use it to water your crop instead of drinking it, but that turns out not to be the case. I don't see any other method for using the bottles in a different fashion than drinking them: No extra choices in the inventory panel; the L2 radial menu inside the fence doesn't add any options for watering either. I seem to recall being able to do this in the past without difficulty (I thought by using the bottle in inventory with "X" button while standing inside fence), so I am wondering if perhaps I'm hitting a bug with the new UI stuff. Tried googling this, but everything I could find was obsolete and PC-centric; nothing relevant to PS4. 😞
  15. Update: Some guildmates said that they found that un-equipping and re-equipping their weapons seems to cure the problem. Haven't tested this myself as the problem cured itself for me and hasn't recurred yet.
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