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  1. not bullshit....I run wired, SSD, Xbox One X on a gaming pc monitor …. I SOMETIMES have some npc rendering issues but lag is almost non existent lol
  2. :: bump :: We still have space for anyone looking for a relaxed casual PvE guild. Come join the gang!
  3. :: bump :: Still looking for new recruits … super laid back PvE guild, with some knowledgeable players that can help guide you through the game … with the coming holidays its the perfect time to get the game and join a guild, and not just any guild … join OUR guild. Daily guild quests, weekly guild events, xbox parties when the grind is just too boring to solo (everything is less boring when its not done in complete silence), and a very active discord. check us out!!! 😎
  4. ugh finally! I have waited for quite some time for her release


    I cant wait for her release! lol 😁
  6. *bump* still looking for players! new and veteran. If you are currently solo and are interested in a guild that's pretty active both in-game and on discord then OminousFlux is the place for you. any player that is new to the game is encouraged to join, taking knowledgeable players as well as need need more members to help us learn these young cats a thing or two on how to bdo! 😜 Perfect time to join our guild as we have a pretty decent amount of events planned for the next couple of months!!! Check us out. https://discord.gg/tQQPxVX
  7. Hello, I am reaching out to the bdo community in hopes that those who are pro (or at the very least, no longer consider themselves to be a novice) at the game to share which guides on the net that they used to advance their skill levels. My idea behind this is that there really is no working USEFUL discord bot that could assist new players in terms of guides and where to find them on the net … all I am doing is compiling the guides I find and use and hopefully those that are shared with me into ONE single location. Right now my reaches only extend to xbox because that is the console I play on but in the future would like to share it with PS4 players as well, consoles in my opinion lacks something like this. So far I have listed a few guides from grumpygreencricket but I am sure there are better ones out there that could be added to the archive of guides that I am building. If anyone who plays consoles would like to write a guide I could share with the community via this app as well that would be awesome. material needed ranges from: regular PvE content lifeskills class guides PvP guides Any suggestions and ideas are always appreciated. 🙂
  8. I sort of cant wait, but im sort of concerned what it might do to the performance of the game lol. so many players in one area is BOUND to create more lag than there is already is.
  9. ** bump ** calling out any player looking for help with the game, or simply just want to be apart of a community that has strong communication skills and has experienced players willing to help …. our discord is also lit! check us out 😎
  10. woo! welcome and congrats on the position. Thanks for the introduction
  11. should have just ignored him just like everyone else did lol
  12. The lie detector test determined this was a lie....
  13. this would make sense though considering PS4 is behind us in terms of content lol.. Patience young padawan
  14. I get it my guy lol, using ESO as an example I too was a pvp player....used to lag ALL the time, then I switched from using a flat screen with pretty much the same specs as you listed to my gaming monitor and im telling you there is a huge difference lol. but that's just word of mouth you'd have to try it for yourself I suppose.
  15. gotcha, figured that would have been the case, hence there was some uncertainty behind my suggestion lol irrelevant because I don't look though ALL the different threads btw
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