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  1. I will be yes, you can either message me here, leave a comment or DM me on discord, tag: Alchemy#1990
  2. The fact that it is NOT an easy game to master keeps me here. A combination of both decent gear and a pretty solid understanding of the class you are playing is how you become a decent bro player. There are so many things to be done in the game. I like how complex it can be and requires research in most cases. I love the real time changes to the surroundings they did for the Christmas event, I hope to see more like that ... its just a great game, it takes patience to play it imo.
  3. lol really? that's NUTS! doesn't the rerun come from Microsoft?
  4. PC has the functionality of using / commands for easy emote access, can consoles get this same function too please?! lol .... I would like to be able to /bow before a duel without having to put it on my ring menu

    Show Your Musa!

    so here is mine! just re rolled from witch to musa. Im loving it so far
  6. :: bump :: with the holiday season in full swing, we can only assume new players have arrived to BDO, OminousFlux is where you want to start your journey!! with loads of resources and a handful of experienced players, as a member of {OF} you will have everything you need at your fingertips. Accepting players of all levels!! join our discord, drop a message here or simply message either myself or Dolly for an invite!!
  7. :: bump :: we still have a few spots open, looking for newcomers, or anyone that's been playing solo and would like to experience the many pleasures of having a guild! hit us up @ discord.gg/tQQPxVX
  8. is your She lvl 56? that's the only way you are gonna get prompted for your awakening quest lol.
  9. :: bump :: come join one of Black Desert Online {Xbox One} most resourceful PvE guilds. Whether you are a new player coming to the game or a returning player, OminousFlux accepts all. With growing numbers, OF has several knowledgable players willing to train up those wishing to better their class. With over a dozen helpful guides ranging from: Establishing a worker empire, to Learning how to fail stack properly, OF even offers some PvP training for those wishing to progress further than level 49. Active discord channel with a helpful in house built resource bot. Come, be your true self ..... with OminousFlux! www.discord.gg/tQQPxVX
  10. :: bump :: We still have some space left! Come be apart of one of Black Deserts most noob friendly pve guild out there, gain knowledge on the game, classes, lifeskills, you name it we have experience on it!!
  11. bump! join our discord. Come check us out.. discord.gg/tQQPxVX
  12. not bullshit....I run wired, SSD, Xbox One X on a gaming pc monitor …. I SOMETIMES have some npc rendering issues but lag is almost non existent lol
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