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  1. Any advice helps lol and I've been grinding hex's sanctuary to level up and get witches jewelry to sell for silver which I've gotten a decent amount.
  2. Thanks for the info it helps a lot, from the beginning I can tell bdo doesn't really hold your hand lol.
  3. So I've been playing for about 2 weeks now I've already gotten beginner gear and I'm already level 54 trying to reach 56 then I plan on doing the main story. I just wanted to sum where I'm at before I ask these questions it's only 2, my first question is what should I focus on after I'm done leveling and the main story? Basically I'm asking what is the end game the only mmo I've played is eso and bdo seems way different so it's a little hard to grasp everything plus everything is overwhelming so I just focused on the basics which is leveling and story as well as gear which is my next question. I chose the musa class and I'm using heve and grunil and I forgot what jewelry I'm using but it's one I bought off a npc anyways what gear should I be focusing for musa? I've heard asula for the jewelry but I don't know about the gear and weapons.
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