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  1. Family Name: Vilebloods Region: EU - UK https://twitter.com/Forficula12/status/1191051027119837185?s=20
  2. Still looking for more members. Apply trough discord and PvP with the top players.
  3. Just as a special thing first 15 people who apply will be taken regardless of gear score and level. We offer power leveling and PvP training.
  4. KOS Gear score requirements 330+ KOS is looking for active players who are interested in joining a strong social PvP orientated community. The current requirement for the gear is 330+ (Can be discussed during your application). If you have what it takes and are interested in joining our guild or want to have more information feel free to join our discord and talk to one of our Grand Masters in the Discord! Friendly atmosphere Weekly relic runs Weekly boss scroll runs Weekly guild boss scrolls Daily group grinding Sea monster hunting when Available 24/7 activity Daily Guild Missions NodeWars / GuildVsGuild Red Players Welcomed PvP Training World boss Requirements Discord TeamWork Mic Adults Only Active Combat Trial PvP https://discord.gg/zNB8Trr If you're interested in joining our guild join the discord below! We are open having small guilds merge into our guild. https://youtu.be/bDM4o5kxViA
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