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  1. Hey everyone! My apologies for the layout of this posting - I copied it from another source I originally posted it at but never received a response.

    I recently started playing BDO on the PS4 (please don't start any "PC is better" nonsense because I own a PS4, I don't own a PC, so your subjective point will be completely moot anyway) - and I am looking for some pointers on getting the most from the game. I apologize ahead of time if any of these questions are repetitive - I am a single father with a full time job trying to enjoy the game with the time I have available to do so - so hunting down multiple places, vids, and editorials for these questions would take away from the time I do have to actually play the game. lol Any assistance on these questions would be greatly appreciated as I am enjoying the game but have run into a few walls/questions that I am having difficulty weeding through.

    Is it better to play through the main story first and then focus on the side items later?

    I have begun investing CP into an area and have linked nodes. Three workers (i.e. minions) have been hired, but how do I make the most out of this and is there a way to create self-sustaining trade routes?

    I have purchased all the residences in one area and invested in diverse options - i.e. mining, crafting, tool building, ship yard, etc. - is it better to remain diverse, or, is it better to specialize in a particular field and focus on that in the long run?
    I have a wagon. Yay! Uhhh... other than using it to move from point A to point B, how do I get the most out of it? Is it best to use it as a "traveling merchant" and just move goods from one location to another for profit? Or...
    I also have a raft. Yay! But, it always seems to load where someone else's ship is currently located and I have only been successful in taking it out for a cruise once. Anyone else having this issue? If so, any solutions that you may have found?

    Fences and farming - How large of a farm can I build and where? I currently own a couple of properties right next to each other that are walled in and have a courtyard/backyard connecting the two together. It's rather nice. One is my residence for cooking/crafting, while the other has been designated as storage. Can I use this courtyard area between the two homes as a place to fence/farm - or are there designated areas that must be used in order to do this?

    These are the deeper questions I've had so far, so again, thank you to anyone who may be able to assist. The mechanics of these particular items is either not explained very well in game, or, not at all from what I have been able to find so far.


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