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  1. I got the RNG, 3 hours? Are you insane? There is no RNg on this. If you say 1 drop in about 3 hours this is rng. I was dropping them normal before, and I was dropping 1~2 an hour, but I went to internet check, and this is the common. Now 3 hours with all those buffs and not a single one? If you don't know if it could be a bug, let the people who created the game check it, otherwise you would be blaming rng.
  2. Hi. I dunno if it's a bug or anything else, but I have been at abandoned monastery, to drop mark of shadow, people say it drops minimum 2 an hour using nothing to increase drop chance and node level 0. But well, I was using scroll, kamasylve, node level 3, level 5 luck, 3%drop (amity level) and no single mark of shadow dropped even after thousands of mobs killed in about 3 hours. It must be a bug with the drop. Luck is not working at all What luck should be used for, if it doesn't help with drop or enhancing system?
  3. DarkThunder

    Menu Lag

    Right. I still have no answer about my pet that disappeared from the wallet without being sold. I submitted a topic explaining and no single GM answered.
  4. Server:EU Mediah1 Hello, after buying a few bundle of pets, I've put some to sell, but I reached the limit, until there ok then, 2 was left in the central market wallet without being put to sell then suddenly I lost 1 of the pets in there. And I didnt sell it as you can check there that I sold only 4, I lost one long-tailed rosefinch. Please I need a GM to check it. Character name is DarkThunder /EU server
  5. Could you add the bug with the NPC annolia rosie in calpheon too? Cause untill now the bug remains When you buy all the stuff in the first view, it doesn't allow you to scroll down the page to buy the rest of the things. So basically the scroll down/up in this NPC is broken
  6. The npc Annolia Rosie in calpheon is bugged. When you buy all the stuff you first see, you cant scroll down to see the other items, even the ones which needs 500 amity points. I reached the 500 amity but cant the unlocked items because it's not going down in the page. Fix the scrolling key of this NPC
  7. The NPC Annolia Rosie from calpheon in ps4 version is not letting me buy some knowledge because I cant scroll down the page. After buying all on top of the page, was trying to reach the ones at the bottom of the page even the ones that needs 500 amity and guess what, it does not work once you buy all the items in front page not allowing you to scroll down to buy the rest. Please fix it.
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