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  1. Sounds good to me I have played mmo's for a long time need a good group send me an invite gt is mikeheezy
  2. If anyone is interested in joining our guild you can message me on here or my xbox gamertag is mikeheezy. Hope to see everyone at launch
  3. The news will come today I don' t know whay people are saying it won' happen until the 13th. This is big for Xbox and they will want the publicity for a new game on their console they won' t wait for the 13th because that event is only being recorded plus it's just a q and a on the 13th
  4. I do want to clarify that this guilds top priority is pvp. However PvE players are welcome if you have any questions about the guild you can message myself or darkcell hope to see you all at launch.
  5. Hello everyone my gamertag is mikeheezy. Starting a guild for BDO when it launches. Everyone is welcome we are looking for 100 people message me if you are interested and I will invite you to the club
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