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  1. 🤔 Did you not do any research before buying this game? Yeah, this game is heavy PvP. Get over it. Also, $60 wasn't even necessary. I think the cheapest version for PS4 is $30, Xbox is $10, and PC is $10. That's a YOU problem. Also also, you're not stating facts, you're stating opinions and your personal tastes. I'm not gonna be a "white knight". Every game has problems and glitches. Skyrim has a sh.it ton of issues, but is loved by many people, including me. Now I don't care if you hate this game. Cool. Just like the other guy, don't play it then. Nobody cares and you just sound like you're looking for attention. Why would I or anybody else want someone so negative and bitter in the community. You got our blessings to never touch it again. Goodbye, and good riddance.
  2. Dang, I hope they fix it soon. Something in my inventory got destroyed, which I wouldn't have minded if it was my own fault and genuinely died, but penalties for something you have no control over seems really unfair. I guess all I can do is try to avoid it until I'm in a safe zone.
  3. So does anybody else have this issue of being in the menu or inventory or quest tabs, and get attacked, but even though you return to the game, your character gets stuck? I just died because of it and wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem. Maybe a lag issue or something, but it's very frustrating.
  4. I mean, I'm new to the game so I'm not gonna say getting past level 50 is anything to sneeze at, but seriously? I don't got a problem with people not liking stuff. He's entitled to his opinion, but there's zero need to try and ruin everybody else's time, too. Some life he supposedly has.
  5. Hey, I'm new to the game. Been playing for, like, two to three days now, and I dunno how anything works, much less guilds. I currently have a level 32 Ranger. Makes me feel old, but I haven't played an online game since I was 11, so I have no clue how to even socialize anymore. ^-^" Needless to say, I'd be grateful for an opportunity to join a friendly guild and to maybe have someone teach me the game a bit better. Thank you for your time.
  6. Imagine being this extra that you feel the need to announce your negative ass leaving a community. x'D What a f.ucking trip this guy is. Like okayyy, you don't like the game. It's not gonna be everybody's cup of tea. 🤷‍♀️ Instead of just moving on to the next game, you're still here, throwing a temper tantrum. All games got problems. Either deal with it or shut up and make your own game. In other words: Get over yourself, princess. Nobody cares.
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