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  1. I am not sure (I just guess that the family name is the account in black desert) , I think is better to wait if someone knows for sure. I aint paying double price for the 3000 pearls that they were asking me!
  2. so it is connected to the psn id I guess and not the family name
  3. Finally got a refund from Sony ! Question now is if I buy again (still havent decided if I want to give them my money) is my PSN id the account in black desert or the family name>? Anyone knows?
  4. Same case for me , but I preordered standard , cancelled it and i got a refund, then purchased it after launch. Pearl Abyss gives the same reply to repurchase 3000 pearls for account unlock. Now I cannot even launch the game , a message comes up to re-purchase it from playstation store. I have notified Sony who is processing the case. In no way they should not have locked anyone from the game. Get the technical issues sorted , end consumers do not have to deal with this process. What they say about they notified us early is not an argument. Do not put anything in my account that I am not entitled to . Since I cancelled the pre-order there should not be any items in my account. Fix the game !!! Hopefully Sony will do something about this.
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