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  1. The 50 percent drop buff is not active for players under 50. But there probably doing this so all those players that got pked can have some revenge.
  2. When you make a game you make the rules no one forces people to buy anything. Look at it this way this a Korean based game probably made by people that used to be in RMT front other games such as ffxi and wow they slapped a pretty cover on it to hide the fact its a cash trap. Bravo to RMT instead of them having to farm days on end for rice to feed there family you do it for them. So stop buying if you complaining about prices and just enjoy the game or quit and play hello kitty island adventure.
  3. Just make a guild made of only level 49 players and Anti grief them by overrunning there farm spots. Can name the guild AntiGriefSquad comprised of players that have had hardships with other players.
  4. I mean that I have gotten 2 tet drops, accessories. That's what I was talking about if anyone else besides me got a tri or tet drop
  5. The alchemy stone is in the game it's one of the rare drops from Halloween box.
  6. So I have got a few green grade tet drops and blues should also be in there anyone get any tri or tet drops yet.
  7. What's the best Lahn name you seen so far. My character Names are Lahndromat GreenLahntrn Others I have seen Lahncelot HoeLahn
  8. I'm not much into the pvp myself even though this games core is designed for that I like the pve and other aspects of the game that's why I play.
  9. When your dead your weapon you have equipt dont matter. I dont need what people think is best in slot, if you calculate overall costs to up grade a blue over gold at our over price frag costs green to ultimate or blues are more affordable. that little bit of stats you get from a kzarka weapon isn't really important to me. Liverto works for me right now, I'm invested it's the route I went. All points can be argued to gross inefficiency but if you master your class you can be good without BiS gear.
  10. I dont use cron stones so I always have to keep doing g 20 stacks back up to duo on alts which is no problem. I just feel like using crons before tet or pen is redundant and a waste even in my situation. I'm saving crons for tet and pens. Also when I see my failstack alt hit +15 reblath with a 2% 0 fs and I have done 5 on 40%+ on tri. Teeth grind.....cry..
  11. Also I lucked out got 35 on reblath used 10 valk crystal to get to 45. The rest is all concentrated weapon stones
  12. Right now I'm at 48.75% as now I'm at 68 fail stack now because I tried it a few more times. Thank you for the info it's just hard looking at a solid stack and it keeps failing rng aside bad luck
  13. So I'm trying to tri my liverto dk weapon I'm on 4th attempt @62 fs. Also was rumored back when I played on PC that BS titles help increase chance. And I'm inclined to believe luck level plays a part also. What I would like to know is a good number for tri? Instead of using this for tri I'm going to probably attempt a duo on my pri ogre ring. Would you agree? Thanks for help
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