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  1. So we got told on the 24th a new hot time event was coming with 50% drop rates it’s now the 26th and it’s still not in game or nothing’s been said!? What’s going on with it? Why say something’s coming and not implement it?
  2. Before at Susan’s and ghaz in an hour I would get between 40-50 black stones. Since this event dropped I’m lucky to get above 5 done about 3 hours at each so far.
  3. It’s not rng mate just did another hour at ghaz bandits and got 1 black stone.
  4. Usually while grinding on the pvp server for an hour I’ll get 50 black stones. But since the new events with 30% drop rate and on the pvp server instead of 50 I got 4. What’s going on??
  5. Why should it not bother me? The fact I’m on a pvp server and a level 49 tamer can afk and mess up a players rotations is still a problem. A pvp server should be a PvP server. So seeing level 49 afk tamers grinding does still bother me! Good luck!
  6. Not sure if anyone else has noticed it but I’ve bumped into a few afk tamers farming spots on the pvp server and because there level 49 I can’t kill them. Surely they need to make it so you can’t log on the pvp till level 50 or you can kill anyone any level??
  7. Thanks mate I appreciate that. I’ve heard there’s problems with the resets as well but can’t confirm it.
  8. I know there’s an npc for hand ins in calp and heidel but I can’t find the one in Velia. Found his location to where he should be but he wasn’t there on any server. I’ve use the npc tracker on the map and that doesn’t show any up at all. Everyone in game is very hush hush about it as there wanting all the hand ins. Can anyone give some more information on locations and servers. thanks
  9. Anyone else notice since the patch today forbidden books aren’t dropping ad much of elite mobs?
  10. It’s an absolute joke! Every other class is getting the chance to get new boss off hands. I have only a level 10 alt my warrior is my main. We better get some compensation or something for this.
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