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  1. No worries! 😊 CM Valtarra
  2. I don't mind if you tag or DM me. Also, I did more research and found that it is not in game yet. I included the suggestion to add it in the daily report yesterday. CM Valtarra
  3. Additional events that 𝐏𝐒𝟒 players can partake in are completing a pumpkin event quest for a special reward, submit a screenshot with Spook for a chance at a PlayStation Gift Card, and attack Pearl Abyss GM’s for their Golden Bells! ow.ly/w9Pz50wN8db
  4. Aww. I'm glad you are enjoying it! My console is always on as well hehe melting iron ore as I type this lol I'll keep you updated if I get any other info for ya! CM Valtarra
  5. I'll put it in our suggestion section of our daily report. CM Valtarra
  6. Hi @AlreadyDead , I am submitting your feedback today that we have items listed that are not yet in game. Thanks for reaching out, CM Valtarra
  7. So, just to confirm, you have your fairy currently? Or are you still experiencing the issue? CM Valtarra
  8. In the last few streams there have been a lot of people mentioning they would like chrons to be removed from the event boxes and we have been noting this feedback for the devs. Thank you for reaching out with your feedback as well ❤️ CM Valtarra
  9. Thank you for the feedback. I will look into it. CM Valtarra
  10. I was unable to make keys as well on xbox and on ps4. I'll inquire about it with headquarters this evening If it isn't in game yet, I'll suggest that it be added. I also went to multiple spots where the golden boxes spawn and didn't find any. Were you able to find any @Lipty? CM Valtarra
  11. You are correct! You didn't have an event, it was in fact xbox. I have been jumping back and forth on this forum all day and got my channels mixed. Thanks for clarifying for me I'll test it right now and see if I can get it figured out. Sometimes in order to activate quests with NPC's you have to have a certain amount of amity. That could be the possible issue. I am turning my console on know and I'll get right beck to you CM Valtarra
  12. Awesome! Feel free to follow up with me at a later time. You can always tag me or send a direct message CM Valtarra
  13. What I wrote was a generalized statement about the spawn times so it covers everything. Got you covered CM Valtarra
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