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  1. It is against TOS to use them. Thanks for checking in ❤️
  2. Checking on this, thank you ❤️
  3. @MadPsycho I am assuming you submitted a ticket?
  4. The Pearl Abyss Global Store is finally here! Players requested hats, plushies, and accessories. So, we have brought them to you! To celebrate, we will be having an event with awesome prizes! 🎁 Event Info ➡️ https://bit.ly/38jLAn0 Global Store ➡️ https://bit.ly/2Zrq9wl
  5. Hey, Xbox Adventurers! Pearl Boxes are now 20% off in the Microsoft store because, why not!? 😜🎉 Store link 👉 https://bit.ly/2NHdLTq
  6. After speaking with our QA department they had some suggestions. First I need to know if the items you are turning into the trade manager are showing at the trade NPC, if so that is an issue we will need to look into further. The QA team mentioned that it's possible the item is not listed due to being timed out, and needing a refresh. If that is the issue, then switching servers should allow you to turn the mats in. Let me know if this helps or the issue is persistent and I will follow up with it again. CM Valtarra ❤️ Currently the Phantom Ship does not have drops. I will follow up with more info when I have it. Thank you for mentioning this ❤️
  7. Also, can you submit a ticket here: console.playblackdesert.com./support
  8. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I have added it to our daily suggestion report. ❤️
  9. Currently this quest is not available on console. Thank you for the suggestion of adding it! I will add this to our daily suggestion report ❤️
  10. I will add this issue to the daily report, thank you!
  11. Thanks for following up with us @Scrzorz ❤️
  12. For the volley skill, only improved epheria sailboats and improved frigates can use the skill. The GM note will be updated. I have submitted the info for trading. Thanks for your time ❤️ I have reported the fishing statistics, and will submit the Phantom Ship experience you are having.
  13. We are looking into this, thank you!
  14. Thank you for your suggestion! Adding it to the daily report now ❤️
  15. Yay! Glad to hear that! I will let the team know you were happy ❤️
  16. Thank you for the info! I will add this to the report. CM Valtarra ❤️
  17. I'm a community manager, not a GM. Issues should be reported to customer service. If you do not get a response, you can come chat with me and I can ask customer service to pull it for me and take a deeper look. This would require you to direct message me your info, ie email associated with the account, serve (EU/NA/ASIA), and your family name. I'll keep my eye on my inbox for the info if you would like me to personally check it out. Thanks! CM Valtarra ❤️
  18. Responded vai DM
  19. I completed this quest a few weeks ago, this might be a new issue. I will report it now Thanks everyone! CM Valtarra ❤️
  20. Okay this issue has been reported, thank you we are looking into it. CM Valtarra ❤️
  21. Thanks everyone, forwarding now.
  22. Either way, I suggested again that we make the quest more user friendly. CM Valtarra ❤️
  23. For new and returning adventurers, we have some gifts and events in store for you! 🎁⚔️ Full details within the links below https://bit.ly/3hej7TX https://bit.ly/37kntEs
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