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  1. PLEASE make my life as a guild leader easier, make the time a player was last active visible within the guild player info screen, I'd like to know who to kick and who not to kick due to inactivity to keep my guild happier. PLEASE they have this on PC we need it on Xbox/ps4
  2. We're on PS4 I sent you a message on PSN
  3. Alianza Let us be your new family. We are currently recruiting lvl 50+ players willing to help out with guild missions and all together run with guild mates to grind and have a good time. We are a PVPVE guild. We do a little bit of everything and are working out way up to bigger things. Though we are a small guild (26 members and counting) we are very active, and majority of our members are level 55+. We currently have- lv3 Battle roar (all AP+3) Lv2 Flame of protection (dmg reduction+2) Lv1 fishing and gathering (+1 fishing/gathering lvl) We are laid back adults just looking for more people that have lived but love the game as we do. We're looking for people that are able to be active 3-4+ hours at least 3 days out of the week. We have experienced high lvl helpful members down to grind and lend a hand. So girls and boys if you're looking for a laid back guild that's not on you about what you need to do during your game time, it might just be us. Message here to find out more! -Warning- our guild is full of.. well... Characters. If you're easily offended it might not be a good fit, however, if you've got a mouth on ya, but you're not overly obnoxious, you're welcome
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