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  1. ๐Ÿ˜— If I may , have you attempted fiddling with your television's display settings? I do not believe there is an "issue" with your television that requires you to buy another one just to play Black Desert which by the way is totally not even all that but that is tea but a simple display area error on the game's behalf which has been noted to be easily rectified if you changed your display setting on your television to "Fit" or if that does not work , whatever your television's display settings best correlate with the game ... I have a Samsung television and that has worked for me , I am unsure about other brands. I really hoped this helped in some way to make playing the game more enjoyable! ~ Ayatan ~
  2. Ayatan

    Menu Lag

    ๐Ÿ˜  I too restarted and tried my hand at Lahn this time and died after resurrecting because I stuck in the animation of -- standing? I don't know anymore.
  3. Ayatan

    Menu Lag

    ๐Ÿ˜ก I tried pressing everything , even tried using the nigh-impossible emergency escape , failed. 3 times.
  4. ๐Ÿ˜— Awakening Skills are completely separate from your average skills that you have used up to this point , meaning that all of the skills you once knew and actually were useful will not be usable when using the awakened arsenal and vice versa. You can press triangle to swap in-between awakened state and normal state which should solve your issue with your missing skills , such as teleport and healing lighthouse , and etc. using slotted abilities will change your inability to use the spells in your normal state either because -- well it does not actually have concrete answer , it is one of those , "It just works" concepts and a dash of "I refuse to explain how it works or why can I just select what skills I put into certain function slots because -- hmmm ... that sounds like an awfully nice suggestion. ANYWHOOSIES , sorry for the rant ... Your Spectrum of Knowledge has Increased
  5. Ayatan

    Menu Lag

    ๐Ÿคฌ I am sure everyone knows about the menu lag , when you go into your inventory or chat menu then exit and cannot move, for 5 - 15 seconds. I died 29 times due to this bug. 29!! I have been counting so now I use my ring menu to replace my inventory BUT that keeps getting reset all the time so it is just a revolving process of I cannot win no matter what. ALSO I have been level 59 for a few weeks now and lost 29,000 worth of pirate island kills with a combat book and this hot time event ... I want my exp back for this torture I have been put through , usually I try to stay cordial as possible , but after doing the maths ... it has just become depressing at this point and makes the game unbearable. Might go play Borderlands 3 until Shai is released (Felt disrespected when you brought out Lahn and Ninja before uwu-chan) , With much anger and despair. -Ayatan
  6. ๐Ÿค” To acquire the final upgraded version of the Dim Magical Sub-Weapon(s) you are required to complete a series of quests given to you by the Black Spirit , known as World of Enemies once that is completed you should have a new quest either in your suggested quests or directly found by conversing with the black spirit known as "A Familiar Aura". From there it is your simple everyday run-of-the-mill quest, go here talk to that one NPC of whomst name you have never given the slightest bit of your time to remember. I hope this helped you with your issue!
  7. โ€ผ๏ธ Heck! This seems like a serious issue that is out of the league of a local forum pleeb such as myself. Please sumbit a ticket to the developers when you can , I am hopeful that you will get better streamlined assistance from there. I am sorry , I know it is not much help but it is the best advice I can offer. Unless you accidentally downloaded the Beta (which is no loger active but in the PS store still) because instead of being called "Black Desert BETA" it is simply called "Black Desert" they also had nerve to have very simular cover images because Sony said , "I am going to use the ultimate troll -- Okay , I am getting ahead of myself. In short: Check your downloads , you may have 2 Black Desert versions , make sure you downloaded the correct version. I hope this helped!
  8. โ˜๏ธ This seems to be a popular serious issue with some players , it is HIGHLY advised that you submit a ticket to the developers as soon as possible so that they may rectify the issue you have. This was not directly helpful , I know but I still hope this aided in some way.
  9. ๐Ÿค” Well yes , but actually no ... There are "armours" that have the ability to turn into outfits but this is limited to only Crafted Clothing which just look nice and may give a small buff if used as an outfit, like +15% amity or +1 Crit (i.e. Calpheon Noble Dress's and Suits , Shroud Knights Armour etc.) and Functional Clothing which affects life skill abilities such as fishing , trading , farming , and many others (i.e. Silver Embroidered Cook Clothes , Silver Embroidered Gatherer's Clothes , Silver Embroidered Alchemist's Clothes etc.) Your Spectrum of Knowledge has Increased
  10. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Hmmm , I am unsure about this one but it is a common mishap when it comes to using workers (BECAUSE THE GAME DOES NOT EXPLAIN THIS AT ALL) , the workers that you have purchased have their storage linked to the safe region in-which they were bought (i.e. Altinova worker is linked to Altinova's storage ONLY). So the issue you may be experiencing is that you have clicked on a worker that is linked to a region where you do not have the necessary materials in the storage, so try using a worker from the area that has the stored items that you require. Hopefully this helped!
  11. ๐Ÿ˜— Have you tried the "Hide Adventures" option in the performance settings? I have not experienced the falling through the ground bug but perhaps doing so will smooth out the intensity of lag that you may have been experiencing during the combat of the boss of worlds. Though to be 100% honest it works a sort of a double edged sword as for one , you will not be able to see your party members if you take any along with you , and also if there are any red players in the crowd they will still be solid and may end up being an invisible wall so be mindful of that. (though you could just press L2 and dodge "through" them , so that is cool) Hope this helped you!
  12. ๐Ÿคจ So nobody was going to mention it but -- I have been playing the class Witch since Beta and back then I really did not do much dying so I never really paid attention to detail with my top tier 500 pearl novelty glasses ... ANYWHOOSIES to my point: I keep playing the Witch class and when I'm out in the field hunting ogres , clearing mobs , fighting in general and my stamina bar goes down ( like way down ) and the enemies start kicking my cheek meat left and right I try to escape using teleport but for some odd reason if my stamina ends up low while in combat I cannot use teleport , I just sit there goof(ily) is that a word , for the sake of my argument I hope it is jumping in place and often times dying because of it , I did a few tests okay not actually testing but I was out in the field and started paying more and more attention to my skill set usage. and noticed that when stamina hits a 1x โ€” 20(ish) and starts to regenerate if I try to use teleport before it reaches 60%+ it will not work even though the skill it's self does not require any stamina to cast ( and it makes me cry considering I finally hit level 59 and Bheg is out here yoinking me around even through the giant rock that's in the middle of his field, which also doesn't make much sense. and I can't escape (and every time I die , I lose 1% which is like 1,000 kills.) So yeah -- bug report , profound sadness.
  13. ๐Ÿค” I actually get this message a lot (after taking a sip of my worker's potion) but I have come to find out that it is your gather speed , not exactly a "lag" but simply that you are gathering faster the the animation for gathering was intended to conclude (so like your time span for gathering was completed before the last animation for chopping was done) , so do not worry about it -- I totally did not just realize that this post is almost 10 days old and you're probably over caring about it. ANYWHOOSIES , I hope this helped you understand your issue(?) brotagonist!
  14. โ— Objection! The main component is actually being your true self , the developers threw the concept of player vs player for added flavour (difficulty).*
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