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  1. This is the actual issue, somehow it's been changed to storage, and not using balance. And there is nothing to make it easy for me to check how that was changed. I've never manually checked storage, and somehow it's been changed. @CM_Valtarra probably not bug then, but annoying non the less. If storage is 0 silver, it should automatically take silver from inventory. Just saying not enough money is not good enough.
  2. I can try this out. Thanks. But kind of felt that the frequency of this is increasing. The longer I have play sessions the more it happens.
  3. Around 50% of the time it's possible to fix it with selling something first, then buy. The other part is quitting the game, close it and re-open. Has been happening since mid October.
  4. Sometimes, with vendors and other people having a shop, I get not enough money when trying to buy items. I.e in this screenshot I can't buy cheap feed, having around 10 million silver.
  5. Nvm, I found the reset skill button. If others do the noob mistake as I did, it's under skills, RB to Awakening, and at bottom it says Y button to reset skills.
  6. So I just hit lvl. 56, and thought we got a free skill reset. Done the Awakening quest, but can't remember if I got something that will help me resetting the skills. Is there something I missed? Or is there some magic menu button I haven't found?
  7. Sorry for late feedback. Can't do videos, but in general nothing in settings -> performance get saved. Also for notifications. I.e enhancements from other players or rewards, can't turn them off. Even if I do so via settings.
  8. EU server, Mediah Xbox One X I have some issues with changes in the settings menu. I.e if I go to performance settings, and change from 10 to 20 on the slider and press y to confirm, the settings window closes. Opening settings again, and its back to 10. And if I disable alerts in general settings, from on to off, I still get the alerts after pressing y to confirm and close settings.
  9. Should be fairly ok to let us use the screenshots from Beauty. Already there.
  10. The MP bar on Wizard and SP bar on Ranger, is called only MP and SP. But health bar has a name. Why not name the MP/SP bar as well?
  11. After the patch on 1st of October, this has not been happening anymore.
  12. On my Wizards profile, it says Mana (MP) below health. But the Ranger has only MP? Should it not be some kind of text in front of it? To explain what it actually is?
  13. Have the same happening to me. Just made it an habbit to force quit game after playing each day.
  14. Hi, Every now and then, I can't press B to quit the talking session with the Black Spirit. I am on Xbox One X. Europe region Mediah server I have to press home button on the controller and force quit the game to get out of the chat with Black Spirit.
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