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  1. Many players inside Red Battlefield are cheating, abusing the participation rewards by going "afk". It's not the players actually go "afk". They stay inside the safe zone moving just enough to avoid the automatic inactivity kick. This creates a huge imbalance on the teams, and it is becoming more popular as the players frustration grows. What worries me more is the posts I've seen on some groups, instruction manuals on how to automate this task using the xbox/ps4 remote play. There are videos of players queueing the same server over and over overnight for the participation rewards. What I propose is a way to make sure the players don't abuse the participation rewards by tweaking a feature that is already there, the battlefield points. For a player to earn the participation rewards, the player must end the match with over 30 points. To motivate players to be persistent and keep fighting despite the score, the maximum participation rewards could increase by 20% if the difference between enemy and allied points is less than 20% of the winning team points. How would it work? In Red Battlefield each person starts with 10 points by default. Killing a player with higher points gives you a higher point reward, while killing a player with low points will gives you a lower point reward. As long as players keep participating the total number of points always increases. As it is now Everyone gets participation rewards. Winners get 6,000,000 silver, Losers get 4,000,000 silver. How it could be tweaked Participation rewards increase by 20% if teams score difference is less than 20% of the winning team points (i.e redDesertScore=5000 - blackDesertScore=4001) Winners get 6,000,000 silver, Losers get 4,000,000 silver. OR Winners get 7,200,000 silver, Losers get 4,800,000 For a player to be eligible for rewards the player must end the match with over 30 points. Why? Red Battlefield is competitive match between two teams of maximum 30 players. Each player has 20 minutes to earn at least 30 points to be eligible for rewards. Fights with huge numbers are always the best, if both teams are doing their best to win the difference in points is low and both teams get better rewards Only open red battlefield should get changes, fixed gear score battlefield could remain the same. What could go wrong? If you are not strong enough, you might not get the points required to earn the participation rewards. You should queue the fixed gear score battlefield.
  2. Yes, definitely feels laggier and framedrops with freezes are more common
  3. Red Battlefield is desyncing a lot,. After knocking down players bodies ends up on a random spot and keeps moving places until they get up. It's overall laggy and feels like massive frame drops and freezes occur when turning camera. I have a PS4 Pro with Samsung 860Evo SSD && 200Gb Wired Internet I'd remove shadows and some particles or potato mode pls
  4. There are more and more players going afk in rbf for the money, the current system is not working. What could be done about it?
  5. This is totally true The amount of silver earned in rbf is not nearly enough compared to what grinding at end game can get you I sometimes wish most players wouldn't afk in rbf for the silver, but it's the only incentive many of us pvpers have to join the rbf If we can get a 1v1 or 2v2 battlefields with gambling system, that 'd be awesome -kernel
  6. My wizard friend has 168/403 and know many others with similar gear score, truth is witchards don't need the 200ap to nuke ppl. It's truly the most OP class in the game. DP builds are a thing and it gets worse in rbf where you have a team full of witchards casting Protected Area. Don't get me started about the shai's heals. As a striker I cycle frontal guards and super armor to kill said witchards, it mitigates a lot of damage, and with potion fairy it looks as if I'm not getting any damage. -Kernel
  7. Can confirm, here a RBF clip from the other day. - Kernel
  8. I'm very sorry you're not having fun, I feel your frustration regarding spawn camping, it's something we all need to work on. I play the red battlefield every day, here my two cents on the matter. If your gear score is not high enough, don't play in the open division. Instead, enter the limited gear score version. Frustration is no excuse to AFK, your team needs you. Spawn camping is annoying, yet the spawn buff is more than enough to kill spawn campers below or to run out of the spawn. You don't have to go down by yourself. It's a team effort to push the fight away from the spawn zone. Get all the buffs you can before entering the battlefield (church, food, villas, elixirs, etc.). Staying competitive is not easy, it requires effort. Adjust your build (dp/evasion is on the rise, stack accuracy), get a fairy with auto potion skill, adjust your gems. Learn the class's weaknesses and strengths. Not everyone is supposed to fight on the frontline, pick your battles and learn to attack as a team from rear or back. The name of the game is RNG, there is no team balancing mechanics. Accept it and play with your teammates. Let's be real, implementing the changes you suggest won't happen. Changes in the game core mechanics happen in Korea first then downstream to other regions/versions. If you don't enjoy it, don't join. Please don't AFK, keep trying and you'll get better. See you in-game - Kernel
  9. Mexico

    Menu Lag

    Whenever this happens to me, I press triangle and I can move again. Try and report back
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