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  1. Wow😱out of 76 views not anyone else appreciates the work Pearl Abyss employees & the owner, Mr. Cho, of Pearl Abyss everything they are doing behind the scenes πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Not at least a πŸ‘'s up. This shout out isn't for me it's for you & THE BDO TEAM trying to keep your entertainment running smoothly.... You can lead a Mule to water but you nor I can make it drink-qoute from. π‘¨π’π’π’π’šπ’Žπ’π’–π’”
  2. Don't let a Witch fool you. For instance, I was on my mount looking something up on the internet & was caught off guard,totally! This person runs up & Im guessing started on my mount 1st. I had to get off by that time this char was on my blind side. It hit me a few times. I hit 1 spell & that problem was solved!!!!!! About low based gear??? I Think Not!! The game has you get higher better gear so drop the witchtards and wizardtards, we don't need the critics - you don't either! As far as pvp & you already knowing the the outcome? Everyone plays their toon different - if your hung up on pvp'ing Witch & Wizards then don't do it. Just like Shai-Witches have companions that will take you out!
  3. πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’―Whoever has been helped for the BDO Game by @CM_Valtarra & highly appreciates the response & help you have received from this Pearl Abyss employee, customer service rep & I need not to write more a special person that works hard to keep us happy in BDO....... This is my post to @CM_Valtarra publicly a BIG THANK YOU! Since The day, game came out on consoles, you have helped me to get out of ”jams”, submit tickets, general support & I never said...... I do appreciate you & your hard work! And for anyone who reads this & like to say ”THANKS” post is open. And to the rest of Pearl Abyss that keep BDO & Gamers and the ”whatnots,” we don't see... I never dealt with 1 on 1, THANK YOU TOO!!πŸ’― Keep up the good & hard work!!
  4. Probably have been brought up several times but I am having a problem with linking my account to my game account.
  5. I am going to post this here as well. About 30 minutes ago I purchased 2000 pearls. Through BDO store. I have a proof of purchase. This is the second time it happened to me in one week. This happened to ever since we went to cross play. It's kind of annoying when you cannot get your pearls. At. A designated time. Also, there was a member slash vulture. In the sidelines trying to think I'm stupid enough that I'm toggled to the French. I do have his name. And everything he said. And even a picture he showed. Doesn't make sense. Exploiters. I am not putting my proof of purchase on the forum being there are too many hackers. I contacted cm_valtarra as soon as this occurred & he has proof of purchase
  6. And with the swearing ect, name calling Mr 29yr old! That was uncalled for. You should go back to school yourself because only school kids call each other names. Unless you're married. 😎
  7. Idk if you're Xbox (Microsoft) or PS/4 Sony corpation . Is this a statement? I'm happy with my three PS4. Graphics are good. Sometimes I get stuck. But hey. Don't we all in any game? If you feel that you are minority, then go buy an Xbox. Blunt. Plus we don't have PC. On cross play.. much more $
  8. Is the trade of 5 imperial trading seals Working At the quest spots it's supposed to work at? Which I have Google. Most of the quest up. I haven't tried it yet, being that I been getting some. "It won't work. Uh, issues? From other people." I just wanna know if it works before I go through all the measures and it doesn't work. Thank you.
  9. Karma is a 2 way subject. You EXPLOITS may not get exploited upon, but when Karma challenges you it will be something in game you can't take care of
  10. I've been on this one since Day 1 & Im just a general gamer, who can identify an exploiter. When I mention it, the ppl I'm around that are exploits will exploit items 3x's. I'm not losing anything it's the point of the matter my cash money paid my items and not silver in game and for however they seem to acquire items. How do I Know? Well for one they will start advertising items I had set up so I can tell if exploits are happening on my account. They advertise everything I setup that I wouldn't believe someone else would (like a trap). Below is a motto pic for BDO and exploits
  11. ruleΒ in life.
    Never give out all of the information.


  12. https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/topic/10232-lifeskill-guildquests/# I belong to a pve/life Skiller guild myself. I agree 100% on Life- Guild Missions: please implement more guild life missions fur, wild blood, majorities of all gatherings & please make sure it’s abundant? Also gps how to get where a guild mission is located? I find it taking much time also impatience not being able to click on guild mission and have arrows on World Map on where I am to be, I hate to stop guild mates & ask for directions. NovaVaassa
  13. I purchased weights @ Pearl Shop on a later date I am going to start strengthening my character. My thoughts were that they were going to keep them on my character in the pearl department and not put weight on my character but that was a no go. How can I move my weights to storage or how do I move them so they won’t make my character be over 100 pounds? I am having real bad difficulties with this extra weight on me please help? Thank you
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