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  1. I purchased weights @ Pearl Shop on a later date I am going to start strengthening my character. My thoughts were that they were going to keep them on my character in the pearl department and not put weight on my character but that was a no go. How can I move my weights to storage or how do I move them so they won’t make my character be over 100 pounds? I am having real bad difficulties with this extra weight on me please help? Thank you
  2. I hope you made the most out of your holiday🦃😃 Also the letter i wrote about my horse has been taken care of.
  3. Yes especially it’s so Easley for the bad players from getting items from us the illegal way.
  4. Energetic. Free spirited. Passionate.

    Stay positive, all other choices are pointless punishments to your psyche.

  5. CM_Valtarra u want to regulate how guild leaders describes their guilds? Who will decide about "corectness"? Maybe 🤷‍♂️👌🥶Expect Another upcoming Challenge You are one of them! FYI Mr Cho owns BDO yes this is Korean game IN KOREA! you started in with pointing your finger @ me LMAO. And you don’t do your homework 3 of your own fingers pointing at yourself . Nova
  6. Multiple personality [Dissociative Identity Disorder] should also not be confused with alternations of mood from happy to sad, characteristic of the cyclic temperament. These are merely emotional swings; personality splits are far more comprehensive.👥
  7. 😝 I would like to thank whomever took care of my problem of not getting my pearl bought items. I have them now and if I would’ve had a little patience and would’ve known who to talk to then it probably would’ve got resolved in a more “Lady like” way. I realize now that patience will get me a further then jumping up and down getting angry and trying to get my way quicker but is just going to take longer. I have a statement and a question: My statement is when I purchased items and ladies wear and such saddles, I buy with pearls. So however long the game will be up these items will be bound to me. ( And I’m praying your game sticks around & has fun new ideas to bring us in the future! I apologize for my behavior and please accept my apology?😇. I have one more question that I will place somewhere else being that this is a cell phone and I will do it on another date catch .
  8. .You know you have a pretty good game going here and I wake up every morning and I play this game for about seven hours a day I have spent almost $200 and pearl money. When I bought this game I bought the middle bundle so I can have some attributes to play with . I can’t track on my phone on a budget list how much money I spend on PlayStation PlayStation also give me a receipt they also give me a non-receipt that does not say what pearls I have left with for the day. So I do that myself by writing down what I buy and what the cost is going to be and what is supposed to be left over well the next day I get online and about 1000 and something pearls are missing. Yes please have gone too far I am going to ride to IGN and give them in any other game in magazine and give a piece of my mind. Apparently I’m not supposed to be the one chasing the criminals and they have a big brouhaha over the deal well I don’t think I should be treated like this in a game and all these people that are doing this are just little kids some are adults some don’t have jobs so I’m have jars but they still are thieves and God bless them
  9. I am a God-fearing woman God does not like theives, one day will be judgment day and your day will come.  God is not only your judge but he is your father !


  10. Contact me and I will show you exactly what they are doing it Has to be a technician from a district pearl or the CEO. The pearl items are too expensive as it is let alone they still these pearl items and sell them for massive amounts of silver coin. The person that is getting their stuff stolen from does not know it’s been taken unless it’s black and white. Or they may be trading gold at the gold exchange and cannot do it and therefore they think it’s a glitch in the The player may think it’s a glitch in the game and zero out but this I know it’s not a glitch in the game this perfume and cheat game system has been around for many many years probably about 10 years . PS4 has a camera motion to record the hours of gaming and I can send you that when you contact me please contact me through game or my email here for some ways that you can contact me then they don’t contact me. 🤭I am raging mad about this issue I am going to delete your game and do an expose with IGN Also I would like to get my money back for the game that I bought the pearl money you can have but at this is not the last that has been heard of me! NovaVaassa
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