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  1. Crescent goes lower in price then... Serap, Sicil, Cadry go up i dont think its a huge problem and wont crash the market
  2. @Balthyzar no, but the wont change the system afaik
  3. Hi @Crow, are you really sure? Never heard about this bug. Can you upload a Video to it so maybe they can look further into it and other players could help? Greets Lip
  4. Hi, open quest menu, active your preferred quest to ALL QUESTS, go to sand grain bazar, talk to the Stable Keeper and enjoy
  5. So ? where you get this from - you said oyu were lucky to get your rednose to tet - the chance for rednose tet with 50 fs is 2x higher then blackstar duo to tri Why you wanna farm Trees or Aakman - Trees for exp i guess, Aakman for profit? The problem is tree groups are looking for ppl 235 + cause of the bracket dmg as @Rocketfuel77777 already explained. Also he said it is a pain with your ap grinding aakman - and yes it surly is and your can't grind any profit in aakman with this low ap. i suggest to grind bloodwolves, fogans, pila ku, or crescent shrine for profit - If you really wanna level up fast (i dont know why you should do that except capotia earring) ask your guildies if they carry you trees within a 5 man split group. Also what you can do is farming Cadry's for rings, melt them to yonas fragments and then you can craft a second capotia ring (reaching softcap is near). If you achieved your second capotia you could craft basi belts with the yonas fragments and try to enhance to tri... same with crescent rings, farm them, up them, sell them (as long as you dont want to push to tet crescent) - get ready for stars end slowly (we dont get this within the next 2 months i think) valk is top tier stars end grinder. Closure: It's pointless to ask for implements in the game which are already planned for ps4 or lower grind spot req's. There are casual players which reached softcap - it's a "privileg" to grind higher spots... it doesnt make sense to flood these good spots with a shttton of undergeared ppl. Greets Lip PS: it is my opinion
  6. So if you access to the game you are in EU - i think you are cause you sit in Ukraine. You bought the game from PSN store EU so you have to create an EU bases account on console.playblackdesert.com you don't have access to NA servers or others when you didnt buy the game there. The only thing you can do is, create an EU account on the website, verify your mail address, Link your ps4 account to the Homepage account and vise versa. When this dont work, sorry i dont know more to say Maybe a CM can look into it or tying to bring your question a bit further. @CM_Valtarra
  7. Hi, https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/Member/join/ try this Greets Lip don't forget to verify your e-mail after register
  8. yellow accs dropping up to duo maximum i think... someone can confirm?
  9. Hey @Neto vieira, you ever tried to costomize your internet settings for ps4? I mean like changing MTU's and stuff like that? You internet connection is getting faster if you do that, also you get a better connection to the server (less lag, less dc etc.). I also suggest to open standard gaming ports in your router settings (ps4 related). Im a EU player so i cant give you the exact settings, but there are a bunch threads and discussion on the internet for this topic. give it a try and let us know if it works. I look back into some forum posts here with similiar issues and link it if i find it Greets Lip edit: here is the link i told ya.
  10. Lipty

    Some Bugs

    Hey jenette, this error occurs sometimes out of nowhere... With this message you cant receive pearls (if you buy them from psn or microsoft store) - closing the game and restarting fully will fix this bug temporarily. Greets Lip
  11. There is no point to walking backwards and forwards for 14 minutes in the team spawn :D (top tower)... thats just abusing if you access the rbf you should play it, no matter you die or not but fight! Killed by nothing is normal in rbf when you use a standard console without ssd (sadly) - i know the ssd discussion was done months before but its fact that this helps. @Dr INF3RNO nothing changed :D team is always unbalanced cause afk's, hope they get some players banned in the next time. Greets Lip
  12. Hey, it's possible to restore accidentally deleted items. Maybe its possible to restore this money. Just open a friendly ticket and be patient. Can take up to 3 days for an answer. Good Luck m8 and next time be more careful greets Lip
  13. Or relog than it could be there...
  14. Hi, move this "suggestion" to suggestions board...
  15. Hi, everytime in bdo ps4 history when a new "drop"event launched it took a massiv impact on scroll drops or armor / weapon stones.
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