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  1. hmm still a problem, all quests activated, relogged - nothin happens
  2. Lipty


    uru, griffin not in game right now :) but thanks. accessoire help would be nice :) focus more on ap or keep pushing dp?
  3. Lipty


    Hi people, any suggestions on which item i should focus next? https://bdoplanner.com/BravantPetrifyingSwiftness greets Lip
  4. Hi @CM_Valtarra, could you pls tell someone to have a look into this? It's been 16 day's now, chatlog maybe dissappeard cause you only can look 15 days back i think? Greets Lip
  5. Lipty

    Missing Boards

    Hey @CM_Valtarra, hope you had a nice weekend. Could you please update the sections again, new classes getting released at Dec. 4th Shai and Mistique. Would be great greets Lip
  6. Lipty

    Quête fée

    You need to do the mainstory quest until you reach the Witch, kill it and normally you could accept the fairy quest... never tried it cause i've done this quest months ago. I recommend doing the whole story line
  7. Hey @CM_Valtarra, let the wine flow and the spirits soar on this Thanksgiving Day. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving m8! greets
  8. Lipty

    Quête fée

    Hi @CM_Valtarra, Hi @Seylee, first of all thanks for tagging me . As solution i can give you a few answers: 1. Complete the mainstory, all the way through Media to the Endboss (no spoiler) 2. Hit lvl 52 ( i read you reached it) 3. Activate all quests (My Info - Quests - All Quests) 4. Walk towards Kamasylvia Temple and try if the quest gets triggered there 5. Awakening Quest done (was patched out of the game earlier - earlier patches you had to complete Awakening Questline to trigger this) Try this out and give us some feedback Greets Lip
  9. EU / NA ??? pls give more information for players!
  10. never saw a ingame currency reduced for a game just sayin'
  11. No reset so far anymore, compare it to word document. You write something and then "x" it without saving. Open up again and its empty. next step is: You write something and then "x" it with saving. Open up again and you have your writing in the document. If you change something another day and "x" without saving it just jumps back to the original state of the document. I recommend if you want to setup your ringmenu always close the game via connection tab --> logout to save your settings, after that you can just close the game via ps4 button same with settings for chat, interface etc.. greets lip worked for me, it's worth a try
  12. Hey, dont think so, but atm you get the pearl payback if you spend them
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