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  1. Hi, read patchnotes from 31.12.2019. Greets Lip PS: sorry im in hurry but i think if you read it its better then me explaining to you.
  2. Lipty


    I formed this post like this because the people which are reading this see information on point and not a 5000 word post like and novel.... its not a solid 2-3 hour work - you only need 35 minutes and nagas (fast exp group) like everyone is doing it right now and another 25 minutes to walk through the quest (if you use traveler map). I saw guilds which just run Valencia Story I 6 Times a day - delete characters in order and do this the next day ... repeat for 7 days. I think that you can name this progress "exploit". If any CM reply to this post and say it's the way we want that to happen then its okay for me... I just think its a garbage-game-mechanic to run Val.I story over and over for failstacks. How i said, its my opinion and suggestion and we'll see if anyone other is replying to this post
  3. Lipty


    Hi, regarding to this: That's a very salty reply, i dont expected that from you @Rocketfuel77777 . It's just a suggestion. Im wether to lazy nor to undergeared... i managed to get to 540 gs (ps4) and i have my tet's. For me it's just an exploit in the game which i think its not meant to be done like this. It's my opinion and this topic isn't a discussion post... Greets Lip EDIT: 20 Times since release, okay but thats something else then 20 Times a week how the people on ps4 do that.
  4. Lipty


    Hi, here a small list: - give us an ingame guildmission timer (10 minute cooldown) - give us the amount of doable guildmissions ( for example 2/10 today) - change NPC in RBG to give the protection buff as aura not as a point and click adventure... we have to get back faster on the battleground - give us a collect all option for CM - set max. player cap to RBG to 30 players and add RBG to all servers - give us an overview about our stats (accuracy, evasion) - give us statistics : quests done, killed monsters in specific areas etc. - artina sol (shai talent weapon) should be changes like dande just for fairness and pvp shai's - change valencia quest chain I - it's getting abused - everyone getting tet gear with 0 effort running 20 times valencia in 2 hours each ... no as intendet (sorry for you val. farmers gg) - stabilize economy - raise prices for PRI, DUO and TRI Gear in CM. Market is empty, noone selling them just use them for stacks.. 9 mil for 20 stacks is cheap ! - raise price for rednose armor to a minimum of 90 mil / piece - give us tournaments (pvp) 3v3 like altar of blood but in pvp style - guild alliance option would be nice - guild member list rework please 안녕하세요, 여기에 작은 목록이 있습니다 : -게임 내 길드 미션 타이머 (10 분 쿨 다운) -가능한 길드 양을 알려주십시오 (예 : 오늘 2/10). -RBG에서 NPC를 변경하여 포인트와 클릭 모험이 아닌 보호 효과 버프를 제공하십시오. 우리는 전장에서 더 빨리 돌아와야합니다. -중앙 시장에 대한 모든 옵션 수집 -최대 설정 플레이어 캡을 전쟁터에 삼십 명으로, RBG를 모든 서버에 추가 -통계에 대한 개요를 제공합니다 (정확도, 회피) -통계 제공 : 퀘스트 완료, 특정 지역의 몬스터 처치 등 - 아르티니 솔 (샤이 재능 무기 )은 공정성과 pvp 샤이 를 위해 단델리온 무기 상자 와 같은 변화이어야합니다 :) -발렌시아 퀘스트 체인 I 변경-악용되고 있음-모두 2 시간 동안 20 번 발렌시아를 달리는 0 번의 노력으로 tet 장비를 얻는 모든 사람 -경제 안정 -CM에서 PRI, DUO 및 TRI 기어 의 가격 인상. 시장은 비어 있습니다. 판매하는 사람은 그냥 스택에 사용하지 않습니다. - 빨간코의 갑옷 가격을 최소 구십 백만 로 인상 -피의 제단과 같은 토너먼트 (PVP) 삼대삼를 제공하지만 PVP 스타일 -길드 얼라이언스 옵션이 좋을 것입니다 -길드원 목록 재 작업 greets lip
  5. There is a way to build a water cravice in your fence... don't know how it works but i think you need to achive more knowledge. greets lip
  6. Hi, this happened to me when your storage is full. They do the work, need energy but cant store their good into your storage = no exp Maybe this is the problem Greets Lip
  7. Hi, delete quest and reacceppt it from black spirit may work.
  8. Hi, https://console.pearlabyss.com/Support Greets Lipty
  9. Spend 5 mins of the time you spend in Google on this forum. No one knows so far. We probably get Kama within july.
  10. Im not a big fan of nouver :D Some say its good some not, some say 261 ap some 246 ap :D Grinding pve with kutum is great, if you dont do much pvp sell it.. especially i think a DP dagger is better then ap dagger (nouver) for pvp but everyone should decide what he / she wants to play :P
  11. It's sad... i know. But why should you buy something when you dont use it? You can sell your stuff on cm - you dont recognize it when you just sell cheap stuff but it really hurts to sell duo or tri ogre and only get 64 % of the money your expecting to get :D
  12. Hi @Jdragon23, i would suggest to use your marketplace as a second storage. Stack up all this weapons, accs and armor parts and wait till BDO is gifting a new 7 Day's valuepack :P . I think they gift some from time to time.
  13. Hi @Miguel, let me quote a GM from Black Desert Online Remastered Forum (PC): " ... I can see that you have some questions about how damage works. Unfortunately, this is hidden information that is intended to be explored and uncovered by the player base and not something that our team are at liberty to reveal. Consider it like the Fog of War in a typical strategy game, which hides elements of the world until a player explores and reports the findings to their team. You may be able to find some very helpful and interesting guides online regarding this! Happy gaming ... " so this isnt helping you i think. There arent any spreadsheets out there for ps4 but i can give you some information for DMG to all species tested on pc. "... The goal of this testing is to find out whether species damage is multiplied by 30% for mainhand weapons and 70% for awakening weapons when using awakening skills, as I previously found is the case for AP (https://community.blackdesertonline...ning-ap-mainhand-ap-universal-ap-testing.692/). As always, using FluffyQuack 's great Health Bar Scanner. Test conditions for all tests to follow are: Cartian's Protection on Giant Fighters (human mob) with various equipment. 1-hit skill with 100% crit rate, so the only variable is the AP. Test one - Control: +1 Paper Amulet, Scythe of Seduction, +7 Helrick Talisman, for 12 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP and 3 universal AP. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 42.8% - 45.9%, averaging 45.1% Test two - Seleth: Replaced mainhand with Seleth Amulet, for 12 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP, 3 universal AP and 10 (mainhand?) Human Damage. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 56.4% - 57.3%, averaging 57.0% Test three - Seleth equivalent: Replaced mainhand with +1 Krea Amulet, for 22 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP and 3 universal AP. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 49.4% - 51.1%, averaging 50.0% Test four - HD accessories: Control plus 2 Corrupt Ruby Rings, for 12 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP, 3 universal AP and 10 (universal?) Human Damage. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 56.4% - 58.1%, averaging 57.5% The 10 HD from the Seleth mainhand is equivalent to the 10 HD from Ruby Rings. So, it's 100% applied regardless of source, seemingly. Just for further confirmation, species damage's effectiveness is estimated at around 80% as much as universal AP (found here and here), while mainhand AP is only about 30% as effective as universal AP, so Hd should be about (0.8/0.3=) 2.67x as effective as mainhand AP. The increase from control->mainhand was 4.9% health, or roughly a 10.86% increase in damage, while the average increase from control->HD was 12.15% health, or roughly a 26.94% increase in damage, so the HD was ~2.48x as effective. This matches up close enough with known data for me to assume it's just RNG. Next up, let's see if all-species is applied to humans, and if it's worth just as much as human-specific damage: Test five - Elsh: Replaced mainhand with Elsh Amulet, for 12 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP, 3 universal AP and 5 All-Species Damage. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 49.4% - 52.9%, averaging 51.3% Test six - Elsh equivalent: Replaced mainhand with +2 Militia Amulet, for 17 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP and 3 universal AP. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 47.2% - 48.1%, averaging 47.9% Test seven - AD accessories: Control plus 1 Topaz Ring of Regeneration, for 12 mainhand AP, 15.5 awakening AP, 3 universal AP and 5 All-species Damage. 5 rounds of 10 hits each Damage dealt was from 44.2% - 45.9%, averaging 45.4% So, here we see the 5 All-species Damage of Elsh is definitely applied to the Human Giants, and is almost exactly half the increase of the 10 HD of Seleth. However, the AD on the ring is clearly not being applied, which isn't necessarily surprising since the item does say "except humans and demi-humans", so I guess that's fair, it works exactly as it says. So, AD is worth just as much as HD and presumably any other type of Species Damage, and affects everything except when it tells you it doesn't. Now, I'm not sure if this is going to make any practical difference, considering mainhands are where the majority of our accuracy comes from and we still kind of need that, but especially for high-accuracy classes like Witch/Wizard, species damage being worth almost 3x as much as AP on mainhands could certainly make Seleth/Bares worth using over a Rosar or maybe even a Liverto, especially in PvE with all the AP caps we're getting now as species damage is the only thing that can circumvent those. Kzarka has likely hidden damage in addition to much higher accuracy than these greens so probably won't be beaten, but who knows, it certainly bears further testing. I think my next test, whenever I get around to it, will be comparing different mainhands at PRI to see the actual difference in raw damage from this finding. TL;DR - Species damage is applied at a rate of 100% to awakening skills regardless of its source, unlike AP. All-species damage actually does work on all species, except on items that specifically say that they exclude some races. ... " Greets Lipty
  14. Hi u, Login reward before Christmas update. I think it was in 2nd day. No chance zu claim that now i think. Greets Lip
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