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  1. I think you should think of it a bit in a different way. Sure awk weapons are a bit weaker in AP then mainhand, but the skills do more dmg. Rather thinking of just playing in awk you should use your nonawk skills in more supportive charakter for your class. Its been added to the game to bring more variaty to the specific classes. They added some sort of "skillcap" to the game. Its not only about AP on MH and OH or AWKWeapon. For example: Witch / Wiz --> you dont see them in nonawk form on ps4 anymore... they just buff themself change and beat the sh** out of you with 1300 DP for 6 sec :D. If they even out the AWK AP everything instantly die.
  2. Hey iMidgardz, unfortunately its no not in game yet. greets lip
  3. No I werent able to find any boxes but thats only cause i dont looked for them :D. There is no point for me to look for golden boxes without a golden key right? Thanks so far Valtarra (read the rules and im not allowed to tag you?) greets lip
  4. Lipty

    Pricing CM

    thanks so far m8, yes but its good to be "preleveled" in alchemy when the stones drop
  5. Lipty

    Node Levels

    Hey, correct me if I am wrong, but the node level just triggers 10% of the time its bonus. I read a bit about node levels and if im right, you get 5 % increased dropchance / node level for 10 % of the time. This isnt this much you think. But also i dont know how the 10% triggers... is it the last 6 mins of an hour or it just randomly gets triggerd in an hour and then you get 6 mins increased dropchance idk. In the end a chance is a chance always a percentage... even with 200% increased dropchance you are not guaranteed to get better drops. if this post is useless pls delete greets lip
  6. Lipty

    Witch Combo

    Thanks @Vainamoinen
  7. Hmm thanks for the reply @CM_Valtarra, why is this a event item? EventItems are always listed as [EVENT], I also can click ( X ) on the keys and the game starts auto-pathing to the npc (which dont give me a quest or something like that). Also you are talking about events a few months ago - I dont know if we are talking about the same platform - PS4. For me it isnt clear what you can do in the game right now or what you cant do. If I search google for a while i can find 100 of posts about silverkey exchange issues. So most of them, even communicated via a GM (GM Dew) from BDO community (PC) said: " I stand corrected! After testing this, I can confirm what Gharlane has mentioned, and you will need to activate all of your quest filters in order to see the new quest from Morco to exchange the keys. Best regards, GM Dew " Gharlane had the same issue. But activating all Quest still doesnt work on ps4... so it's a event or it's a quest? Is it buggy or is it not in the game right now? greets Lip
  8. Lipty

    Pricing CM

    So... foa thanks for the huge post to cover all areas of the game and not only the thing I asked for Based on my elxir example: In CM there are 1000 pc ordered but noone sells the elixiers because noone produce them or just dont want to sell them for such a low price (6k / flask - productioncosts: 50k worth in mats) But If i start to sell them for 6k / pc (highest price on cm) then i eventually will trigger the pricing? It is to be expected that the price for the blood ( 40k ) is rapidly going down and the price for the elixier is rapidly going up if i sell them on the cm? greets
  9. Hey people, hey @CM_Valtarra, can someone explain to me why the price for Demihuma Hunting Elixir ist ridiculouslyredicusly low compared to the cost for the materials? You dont need much but the expensive thing you need is Blood... Sinnersblood. Sinnersblood usually goes for 36k right now on CM besides of that you need 1 blood and a bunch of other materials to craft the elixir of demihuman hunt which sells for 6k each on CM... wheres the point? Noone ever will sell this elixir for this price.. pls fix or explain to me greets
  10. Hi people, anyone know how to trade in the silver keys? I tried it yesterday, but the npc dont give me an option to trade in my keys to get the GOLDEN KEY. Is this in game so far or just not implemented right now? Maybe @CM_Valtarra you should suggest to delete the tooltips of serveral items and questgivers which showing up ingame like elephant quest tooltip (spending 10 mil for Villa but no quest available) or the silverkeys if you cant trade them for what they meant for? greets and thanks for help
  11. yep, if you read the whole patchnews you posted, you'll realize that there are huge changes on striker class. Now you should question your post So we get a patch on 23rd. Just wait greets
  12. Hi, it would help if you post the notes for this. I don't think that marni stones are available yet for both EU and NA.
  13. After changing server and yesterdays login issue it works again?! can be closed pls
  14. so you can login in app right now, but you dont have access to CM due maintanance. Maybe you try it later
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