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  1. Or relog than it could be there...
  2. Hi, move this "suggestion" to suggestions board...
  3. Hi, everytime in bdo ps4 history when a new "drop"event launched it took a massiv impact on scroll drops or armor / weapon stones.
  4. Hi, first of all, if you name your post suggestion why you dont post it under the suggestions board? I did a post on this months ago... not exactly the same solutions but some of them. Go to suggestion board and post your topic there. Greets Lip
  5. yep i did the same post in this forum 2 months ago it's getting absoluty abused...
  6. Hi, its upgradable but same **** like alchemy stones
  7. The only thing you have to do is going to rbf and watch there are a few DK's which dont "underperform". Its true that it isnt that easy with dk like it is with other classes but it can work
  8. First of all they have to release all classes to bring succ on its way to console that would be the first step !
  9. you guys dont understand the meaning of this topic ... it's not a dp problem! I know some people have decent dp but like shai they dont do any dmg then ;). Never saw a witchard with 400 dp and 200+ ap on console so...
  10. sorry but i play on console too and I can ;) its just practicing and timing your iframes. Also its dumb to jump into an witchard aoe. If you want to play a class where you can jump into everything and getting literally 0 dmg play wizzard xD - but thats not the point for DK or other classes. The forever iframe classes you mentioned - which classes do you mean? Afaik its only sorc who can. Every realy every class is outscaling wiz / witch when you reach 261 ap nouver or more.
  11. Hi @Wata, you cant compare Darkknights with Wizzards.. lol. DK got a buff --> more accuracy with hitting lvl 60 ! DK's dmg is good especially when you hit 261 ap. Witchards are better in lower ap brackets and yes they are actually broken in current meta... but when more people hit higher brackets witchards gonna sck hard. DK has a ton of iFrames and can pretty much 1-shot people if played correctly ;) Dont complain about the class, learn to play it to be viable in pvp and pve. Don't know why you complaining i can farm aakman and im good in pvp with 245 ap Greets Lip
  12. Not for me..l lost 75% of all bosses after 7 pm UTC+1 the last 7 days --> always bluescreen no loot
  13. ? how you can overstack acc? It's just a normal thing... i dont have any accuracy items, im just going for 3 parts boss gear 1 heve helmet and all tet weapons (kzarka nouver dande) - Accs are all tri and gold except earrings im wearing witches so this leads to a total of 386 accuracy
  14. Hey @Rocketfuel77777 Hey @Foojabi https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IMNTaDLLVWyaPnZiyYlXRon53WCcaGjvN-r2zzYptao/edit#gid=0 here, play around a bit ;) That's some serious in depth thing so get used to... noone ever will tell you 400 acc is enough - it always depends which enemy you are fighting (PVE and PVP) for example Hystria mob Elten stats: Level: 65 <Ancient Weapon> HP: 1,184,431 Defense (DP): 887 Evasion: 727 Damage Reduction: 160 have fun there with just 300 acc Greets Lip
  15. Oh hi, a ranger buddy :) it's hard to perform well against this witch / wiz dudes...
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