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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Wish we could get something done. The proof is in the pudding, and this class needs help.
  2. The recent change to RBF makes it an actual semi counter part to grinding with the opportunity to make 12-18 million an hour on the lowest ends, and even more on the higher end. With red seals you can sell the crystals also for direct profit just from PvPing or use them as they are extremely powerful. Not only that, but it made it more active than ever. At any given time, people from all over the game go to RBF and compete from every guild and clan. It is more active than ever. But the biggest issues in RBF is the fact teams are extremely unbalanced with players, classes, and gear. The second is spawn killing. I'll explain. 1. Teams are extremely unbalanced with an un-even amount of players. Some could have 7 players where as the other team could have 14-16 players and it is a straight up zerg fest. That needs to change as it is crucial to having a fun, and fair experience to everyone. 2. Class disparity is a huge problem as classes like Archer, Witch, Wizard are extremely common in RBF and could have nothing but those classes on one team making up the majority of players for that team, where as the other team would have melee/ close ranged characters making up a lot of the players on that team who would get utterly decimated since it is extremely unbalanced from close - ranged disparity. Witches and Wizards can literally sit on top of buildings with free rain and free cast on people from range with no problem what so ever, with little to no risk of being attacked or damaged, Archers can do it out of render distance as well, and wipe multiple people easily in bunched up areas mindlessly. This is very serious that both teams have close to an even amount of classes on each team that match as much as possible. 3. Gear is also a major problem. Many players would go into RBF and literally get curb stomped by players who heavily outgear them, I would NEVER op to make it so there should be ratio rates like kills, deaths, and assists a thing as that is too flawed. What I suggest is, if one team gets a 561 player the other team would get a player who would closely match that gearscore as much as possible. The same works with with lower geared players to match it as much as possible. Answer: Create a Queue System that would put players into a queue that can detect all of those issues and try to closely match them as much as possible. Since you won't be able to swap into an RBF anymore as fast as you used to, increase rewards in RBF. OLD RBF: 4 Million Silver per loss, 1 Red Seal. 6 Million Silver per win, 5 Red Seals. NEW RBF: 6 Million Silver per loss, 2 Red Seals. 10 Million Silver per win, 5 Red Seals. Point number 2: 1. Both spawns are open for anyone to to just walk into regardless if you are on the team or not. This is extremely exploitive and can allow people with high gear score to literally have a field day in peoples spawns with ultimates since it's a small and tight space. On top of that, out side of ultimates, people are just going into the spawn and just killing them with no chance of fighting back, as it can be raided with multiple enemies at once just spawn camping. Answer: Make it so players can not enter the spawn room or anywhere near the spawn area and both sides must be outside of a set distance before being able to take/ deal damage. With these changes, it will make RBF a better, more enjoyable and fun experience for everyone.
  3. Yeah it's kind of crazy how we don't get a weekly Pearl Shop update. There is soooooo much stuff we are missing.
  4. It is atrocious and was talked about around launch a camera system rework was in place, it takes forever to turn your camera in combat and just moving around like horses, camels, everything. Please change this. Or itleast give us an update.
  5. https://media.giphy.com/media/LR5MG6Ce3FZzKMIpXf/giphy.gif Xbox One X, constantly resetting storage and hard resetting actively, never leave it running for a while with an ssd, and here is the result. Players aren't asking anymore, they are demanding this gets fixed lmao.
  6. Thats AoA doesn't count. We already knew it was coming to Xbox, i'm talking about new modes. No one cares if it's a re skin, we want the modes.
  7. Thats the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. A person will keep it in a city storage or cm if they wan't potions, it's just redundant, outdated, and annoying. People are gunna get more regardless. It would be a very nice change.
  8. This is one of the biggest complaints in terms of the general game because what use does it have if 400 potions already weigh you down. How can I get trash loot? Other items? How do you accommodate people who don't use maids? Or Transfer? Node Wars and Large Scale I can't even begin to tell you how much this would help or when I am grinding. Just like how you made silver no weight, you should make potions. It makes a lot of sense, and would help a lot.
  9. On top of the proposed rework said by @[CM]Shirna to rework RBF with new maps and modes and rewards and such, I and MANY others would love to see a PvP queue system where you can queue up against enemy teams of 3v3-5v5 and compete in objectives like Domination, Capture the Flag, Elimination, Payload. It would create so much more opportunity to PvP and create much more of an incentive to PvP. I'd love to see this.
  10. Thanks for the response man. I'm not giving up. I know the devs aren't reading this, but I will still fight for this class.
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSazZj4SKpWEzambzeGKSBPDYDk9yigrs9rXJnH4Nak0DKVDWKJZE2oOHhlJJuad8gaaP-X5e_-lFOX/pubhtml?gid=877858555&single=true @CM_Valtarra here is the survey results from PC as well as console players submissions. A simple read to all of those questions and concerns found there should absolutely raise some eyebrows, and get some sort of conversation going at Pearl Abyss. Thats a lot of people who took that survey for this class.
  12. They are literally catering to PvE players non stop. Mini games, Dark Rifts, Redo of Aakman Temple, Stars End, Underwater Ruins, Altair of Blood, T9 horses, Manos update, etc. PvPers as usual get the short end of the stick with horrible optimization in BA, Open World, Large Scale like Node Wars and Siege, they haven't even listened to me almost a year ago when I mentioned objective small scale PvP. They don't balance or help classes, and they never acknowledge really anything. The devs and community managers don't care about PvP at all to the point us THE PLAYERS are creating our own version of BSL for console. Eventually they will probably leech onto the event and it will become either a one time community event like they usually do, or they will put there face on it while we do the work.
  13. All these little things should be in the game. I don't really understand why it's so hard to understand. I'd love for my character to be able to walk, i'd love to be able to edit my UI. I'd love to be able to have the PC UI for skills and such. These are things that should not be made for console specifically and should match PC's style format.
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