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  1. The Guiido

    Adventurer's Survey 05/16

    Please, dear God no.
  2. I am well aware of the future additions to the game and the amazing cosmetics coming. But I have always wanted to mix and match with things on and off. I know that the Abyssal Axe is a crappy weapon, but having the ability to rock this with my costume coming would look sick and i'm sure other classes would like to see something like this too. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/screenshot/11988405 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/screenshot/11988564
  3. The Guiido

    I have one day to decide.

    Bruh who cares! You wield a big dude with a cannon who turns people into dust and axes bigger than 2 human beings. Fun af dude. zerks got the coolest outfits coming I swear
  4. The Guiido

    I have one day to decide.

    I maxed mine out too. It is annoying. I mean idk about you, but it is even dare I say rage inducing. he takes up like whole doors and houses lmao. It's very hard to see inside buildings. But that shouldn't be an issue as that is something that is so minor compared to the larger scale of things in the game.
  5. The Guiido

    EF Destroyed

    Trust me, it's not that bad being a sorc rn. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/72461703 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/72462424
  6. The Guiido

    EF Destroyed

    Bruh this is depressing. I knew this happened on PC, but didn't think due to the complaints this would come to xbox.
  7. The Guiido

    EF Destroyed

    Slowed down and only 4 hits before a stationary double EF slam that does no extra damage thats significant to the time it takes, and people can move away from it in 2 seconds. This move got nuked into another plain of existence. Why?
  8. The Guiido

    Grabs Need Nerfed

    Samus incoming
  9. The Guiido

    Grab desync and Desync in general for NA players

    Yet to them servers are stable and no issues what so ever. Mediah ruined everything. Sure there was desync before, but it has become so hard to play now.
  10. The Guiido

    Grabs Need Nerfed

    Anyone who complains about Zerk rn for sure needs to get good. They have no idea what awaits them.
  11. So ever since mediah dropped the desync has been atrocious. It has gotten so much worse over time to the point where I actually would just AFK the game and not even play it at times recently lol. Weather I am being hit through grab animations https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/72178262 and they teleport to the next universe accross the arena, or invisible mobs, https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/71698931 the game has gotten much worse recently. I am probably certain when I say you guys know whats going on, but do you? Is this being tracked? @GM_Hexe @CM Valencia
  12. The Guiido

    Grabs Need Nerfed

    Gods work. I love you. What guild you in now? Exactly. Only reason a lot of people play him now is cuz there class simply isn't out yet. If anything they need to fix the grab desync. I can't even express in human words how annoying it is after I successfully grab a Sorc and she teleports across the world. Wtf is that.
  13. The Guiido

    Grabs Need Nerfed

    So you come on the forum dude. Lol
  14. The Guiido

    Grabs Need Nerfed

  15. Yes we are still active on Xbox. Please check out our website at blood.gg Requirements must be met for new members by April 1st. You should fix your display name to not show your email. 57 is required by April 1st, and 400 gs for new members.