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  1. The Guiido

    give bdx a 1-1 arena

    Exactly. Literally people with no incentivized anything running at eachother like a moshpit. Would be nice to see that idea we talked about in the discord come to reality with great rewards, team objectives and a fun time for everyone.
  2. The Guiido

    Ranger combat video

    @Betty We are in the minority
  3. The Guiido

    Ranger combat video

    For real bro.
  4. The Guiido

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    My goal is to RKO someone off a cliff or bridge with Undertaker while they are enhancing so I save them there precious time they were going to waste on that upgrade LMAO.
  5. The Guiido

    Status Update!

  6. The Guiido

    AFK mechanics removed

    Damn right. And why shouldn't it? This gives them a chance to make it the best game they could and allow it be their set out envision for how it's supposed to be played on an Xbox. Xbox is not made to be on 24/7 i'm really sick and tired of people who don't know how an xbox works say that. Nobody in the general audience is leaving them on for days on end.
  7. The Guiido

    Which Class Do You Want First?

    I agree. I will NEVER play a sorc, but I know many will be interested in the mechanics of it, and how to play it.
  8. The Guiido

    You're all going to be destroyed

  9. The Guiido

    can't get past blacksmith of Abun quest

    Lmfao bruh how did you even get on here. It says Xbox nearly everywhere on here. 🤣
  10. Every time I go to post an embedded link either it gives me the Network: 2000 error, the video works but is cut in pieces like a Birthday Cake, or isn't loaded in. You have to either keep clicking delete, constantly drag and move the thing you want to show or constantly delete and repost the link in just the right spot for it to work.
  11. The Guiido

    Get rid of fail stacking

    I love this. Exactly. The appeal to the different audience is what I've been saying since day 1. The people stuck on this PC mindset of "things can never change because thats what makes BDO" Similar to the AFK debate. Who are unwilling to look at the reality not just on the console, but at the audience we are talking about here. Anyways regarding enhancement and fs, Simon mentioned it will be different from PC, as to what extent that is, we do not know yet. On the grand scale of things we've learned very little since March.