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  1. The Guiido

    Black Desert Version 1.2

    Completely disagree.
  2. The Guiido

    Character buff list

    YES!!! PLEASE!
  3. That would be cool too. Since zerker needs so many skills hot bared.
  4. The Guiido

    Berserker and horse riding.

    How you like him?
  5. The Guiido

    Even more bugs

    List of things to fix: Since last beta up to March 4th 2019. -Odd looking character models from 3rd person perspective of other players. They don’t look as clean and polished as a self player perspective. -Freezing after going to the skill menu or map or anything related to the menu. -Black screen with ambient sound when loading into server. FIXED -Disconnecting from server constantly. FIXED (Not in high populated areas however) -Can’t connect to other servers. FIXED -Game crashing. MOSTLY FIXED -Game freezing and making a stuttering sound then crashing all the way back to the home screen. MOSTLY FIXED -Xbox completely turning off, like seriously whats up with that? UNKNOWN -Absurd loading times. -Permanent loading screens. -Skill delay/Skills activating even though they were not touched. -When upgrading skills the hovered bar skill will jump to another skill which may result in accidentally upgrading another skill The same can also be said when just in a normal menu -When relogging into the game, hotbared skills need to be placed again due to it saying “cant use because skill was upgraded” even though no rank changed. -When relogging into the game fashion items previously turned off before log out mysteriously reappear turned on again even though they were turned off before the log in. -When relogging into the game pet settings will not save as wont other settings. Berserker: -Beast Roar does not apply bleed even on good hits -Zerks bleeds do not properly stack despite multiple different skills being used, probably intended. Even though the bleed damage is insanely low. -Grabs, Predatory Hunt, Lava Peircer etc.. do not properly provide superarmor, nor display buffs provided on the buff bar as intended, and are wonky and seem to have a lot of desync. -Moves such as Headbutt go through people resulting in ruined combos Marketplace: -Despite registered items being listed on the market, and even going for the highest price on said item, it does not instantly buy -When bidding on an item that you want for example a +5 Agerian helm, it will display as +0 when purchasing and go to the default price. This happens as well even with registered items to the market -1080 60fps on X when?
  6. The Guiido

    Bugs as of March 3rd in my experience

    Bout to post more. We're just gettin started. All of the main big NA streamers have stated it's all bugged with proof on the screen.
  7. -A Guild Quest channel keeps on putting your LS up even if you aren't touching the Left Stick. This results in the game, pretty much become unplayable. -Swapping channels or coming back into the game resets your FOV settings -Swapping channels or coming back into the game resets your ring menu settings -Disconnecting from server or logging off and coming back in resets your music levels (If I turned it off it turns back on) -Lag and Desync issues are huge -Absurd load times even with an Xbox One X (FIX THIS) -There is no 60 fps/ 1080 option (ADD THIS) -performance in wars are horrible, FPS drops to 10 at best even with an X, and moves consistantly miss Please allow X users 60 FPS as we were promised. Overall the game runs well but i'd say the performance is subpar of what it was in the first beta back in November. I do not know what you guys changed but you do have many issues to fix and things to add.
  8. The Guiido

    XBOX Elite controller

    Difference is what they added in the second beta, it affects it in game not both in game and out of game. Very cool.
  9. This could simply be fixed with making it a combination of back and select buttons. By pressing LS it toggles the the ability to move your character in any direction with out having to worry about complicated ways of performing movement. Thats the idea. RS is camera zoom controls and move around. How would combos be broken? Only time it would come at a disadvantage is not having the ability to back pedal block which then you could toggle it just by pressing it to activate normal movement again. You'd be free in any direction to evade, out maneuver, and out play your enemy based on skill more so than anything and to fully maximize a moves output. The idea is to have it as an option in the settings.
  10. The Guiido

    Berserker and horse riding.

    Berserker is bigger off the mount yes. Horses are tiny to Zerks honestly. But I feel like it scales when you get on the horse oddly enough it seems seem-less.
  11. Thank you. I had to think of it for a little bit and make it as less intrusive as possible while being flawless It is totally possible to add it in. Question is, will they? We'll have to wait and see i'd love to get a response!
  12. Never said I was new. The new people I am talking about have gotten to level 40 and have dueled in the arenas and have simply asked "why does it feel so slow even at 100 100 sens?" People wondering why they cant turn around, or saying stuff like "ohhh dude if I could turn around faster I would of gotten him!" To people who aren't serious about pvp or the game they won't care about this, they'll probably never care to notice or care in the first place. You are right in that regard. But to people who have studied the classes, done their research, made the comparisons and seen what classes have heavy reliance on free movement, the proof is there. I do care about the new player experience as I am heavily involved in PvP, and want only the best for all players. This was just a form of skill and class viability lost that I wish was introduced in someway for xbox to raise the skill ceiling for all players.
  13. I don't have any experience other than Berserker. But I asked around. I think Berserker Witch and Wizard take the biggest L's. They require click to move heavily in awakening. No one gains anything from this. It's net nerf to everyones potential and to the ones listed above it ruins both mobility and survivability that they could of had.
  14. Exactly. If you played PvP at all a lot of people would see what we are talking about. Have fun. Thanks for the feedback man.