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  1. The Guiido

    New story

    Very interested in the new story, can't wait for release to try it out.
  2. The Guiido

    Enhancement System

    There will be differences for sure.
  3. The Guiido

    Voice Chat on Console.

    Even Skype if I could remember couldn't be half opened it had to be treated like a full app, and even then it was not good to use because it was treated as a separate app instead of in the background and so it wasn't integrated.
  4. The Guiido

    Voice Chat on Console.

    There was never a Discord app for Xbox ever. This is the first time they are teaming up. Right now, they are still working on how they can improve it for Xbox.
  5. The Guiido

    Monitor for Xbox one X, tips pls

    Take that plant off your xbox lol
  6. The Guiido

    Voice Chat on Console.

    Multiple ways. On voice, you can have normally up to 16 or I think even more now people in a party. I don't know anyone who would want that though, it's an insane amount of people and you can barely hear what anyone is saying. GvG's i'd either divide groups or all go to Discord. You can link up a Keyboard and type that way just by plugging it into your xbox, but if you didn't want to deal with the hassle of wires and space being taken up, you can use the Xbox App which brings up a virtual keyboard and you can even join parties that way, which I do not recommend because you'll sound just like a potato using a kinect.
  7. The Guiido

    Any new information about the chinese PC version

    Can you show me a video, an article, a little bit more then words?
  8. The Guiido

    Any new information about the chinese PC version

    Where did you hear that they are all merging.
  9. The Guiido

    Any new information about the chinese PC version

    Nothing concrete by them has been posted (not a surprise). Expect the beta to release from October-December and a release in January-February. Crazy that it's going to be a year later almost.
  10. The Guiido

    will it be for the xbox one and xbox one x/s, or?

    Exactly. If you don't have an X, expect to suffer.
  11. The Guiido

    Xbox Anywhere

    Never. Unless Xbox Streaming happens, even then, we'd need details.
  12. The Guiido


  13. The Guiido

    Completely new class

  14. The Guiido

    Keyboard compatibility?

    I mean of course It's great that Xbox has a whole platform built and layed out for us with support and what not and not seeing hackers is great. I think he realized it without saying he did. The problem with what you are saying is that many of the people who have been grounded in Xbox with the controller as the main thing to use since they had the 360, is that it's not okay to have controllers mixed with KB&M. It's not okay for me to be facing a 5 man team and my team is using controllers and they are using KB&M xim 4's. Thats childish, pathetic, and really not right. How such a low % of people see this as an issue blows me away. Xbox shouldn't let Xbox fans with more than 10 years played on an Xbox just get up and leave. They need to appeal to the audience that has created what is Xbox today. They are a separate system for a reason and regardless of personal bias and whatever Xbox is doing currently, it is not right to be putting up Mouse and Keyboard against Controller users in ANY competitive or even casual circumstance regardless of beliefs. It is up to the developers and Xbox to take a stand against unfair use. Whether you are match making or people exploit by using emulators, it needs to be used in the correct manner for games like MOBA, FPS, and MMO, and Fighting games specifically. Which those 4 categories should be using controllers only. Especially since it's optimized specifically for Xbox One.
  15. The Guiido

    Some Wallpaper for you

    @NeferpitouYO THESE ARE SICK! Mind if I use one of them as a photo for our discord rules page?