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  1. almost 11,000 views yall are insane. Please make sure if you apply to link your Xbox and Discord.
  2. The Guiido

    Bugs so far

    Your FOV settings do not save. Weird bug going on when attempting to climb and mantle objects. HDR settings for some players (including me) mess up the Xbox colors and make text white and purple greyed out for example. There is some delay for some skills. Very annoying bug with turning your RS. it either moves to much, is in-accurate, or automatically turns to enemies for some odd reason. I must say though amazing beta launch. @[CM] Simon
  3. The Guiido

    Black Desert Xbox (Public) Club / Discord

    Love you guys.
  4. The Guiido

    Stress Test Poll

    Yeah thats what I mean. I wanna hear what they all have to say like in a big report I would love to know.
  5. The Guiido

    Stress Test Poll

    We can group up as well. Test Frame rate everyone stand next to eachother shoulder width and see how bad it can get. I'd like to know with People with the One how it will run on the One, with people with the S how it will run on the S. I have the X, so I can input opinions about it, but I would also like to know how other people with the X see it. Also, spam emotes or something too, along with moves to really test it.
  6. The Guiido

    Stress Test Poll

    Literally leave. Western Guard Camp sounds fine to me, whats everyone else think. Unless we wanna aim for the most cancerous FPS possible with the most amount of lag in an area.
  7. The Guiido

    Pitfalls to consider avoiding

    Such an amazing, insightful, well written post thanks for this.
  8. We also will pre prep everyone before that happens. We'll let you know for sure bro.
  9. The Guiido


    I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I REALIZED THAT THE BETA IS COMING ON THE 8TH. @[CM] Simon LETS GOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Btw, will you be playing with us? Will we see you around?
  10. There will be peace on the streets because everyones dead.
  11. The Guiido

    Ps4 BDO

    You won't see PS4 news until late 2019 or early 2020 even then, thats a chance.
  12. Peace on the streets.
  13. The Guiido


    He will return.
  14. The Guiido

    Hair styles

    Can we see a Simon costume?