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  1. The Guiido

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    They have to do something. Most people will NOT leave that on all night.
  2. The Guiido

    Trap Novice Witch with no good intentions!

    no more stream from EU's finest rip.
  3. Pretty much how it works is like Beond said. Looking for people appear to be dedicated and what not. Who will participate and work on guild progress as a whole. But saying something is different than doing something. I'd assume at launch some people MIGHT not play so those spots will fill quickly. Past that, the process will become harder and harder to join as the guild furthers it's progress over time and eventually harder and stricter requirements will have to be met in order to join and to stay in to ensure the best of the best, and also quality. Originally, we had plans months ago for an EU part of the guild, but ultimately stopped that idea due to the fact that it would be very annoying to manage, and the majority of us are NA.
  4. I agree. Our discord used to be hot, but ever since the official one released the original one died. All of us moved to BL Guild discord anyways. That place is always active it's insane. It's a shame it's dead but thats okay it's natural.
  5. Thought you already were a member since Beta, you joined our party.
  6. The Guiido

    Information Megathread

    Envision is no longer recruiting thank you
  7. The Guiido

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    Well with each appearance Simon makes on the Youtube channel shows us they are closer and closer to there goal. We don't truly know the full scope of things going on in the background but from the looks of it and what Simon has said to us on Discord and in the videos, they have a lot of work to do. I don't know when they will release the game, but this is their top priority now, so it can't be hard to imagine it will be that far away.
  8. The Guiido

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    Your posts on this thread are great. It sucks because at the end of the day they can do whatever they want. Regardless of what people say. It's their game. But at the same time, promises have been broken. History did repeat it's self, and they have no plan on stopping development especially with all the feedback given to them during the beta. Hopefully it releases this year as promised. I do however want all that good amazing feedback implemented. They also have been doing an amazing job every time Simon makes a new post or video. They are busting there ass hard at work, and I know in the end it will be great. I am willing to wait. We've waited this long. Wait 2 months more isn't the end of the world. Although with holidays coming up people would want to conveniently plan schedules accordingly, So there's that.
  9. The Guiido

    Everyones goals for BDX?

  10. The Guiido

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    Undertaker someone off a bridge and laugh like a little kid. Also Rock Smash someone into @Kasai @Enslar @Beond Krazed, Crov, so they can delete them from reality. It will look like this. But imagine them (the enemy) is in the middle.
  11. Valk and Tamer because they we're supposed to already be standard so it would make sense for them to be next in the line up. Plus Tamer needs to defend me.
  12. Also you need to like @xCROv 's buttered rolls.
  13. The Guiido

    Story of BD

  14. The Guiido

    Pr...pr..PRE ORDER

    That dude smokin a cig?