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  1. The Guiido

    Zerk atm

    I just do not comprehend the hesitation towards working on the class. Making it better.
  2. The Guiido

    Zerk atm

    You'll see exactly what I am talking about soon lol
  3. hell yeah 2 mill daily
  4. The Guiido

    Zerk atm

    Been a hot minute since the last post big boi's how yall feelin on zerker? Personally I think the class is fun af but the lack of protection on the class is ridiculous. The amount of gear required to be relevant has also costed a lot of my zerk friends to re roll to some simpler options. How do yall feel? I feel like this class does need a buff for sure. Xbox zerk and PC zerk are 2 different people. I have no intention of ever re rolling cuz I love the class but barely anyone plays it, its very evident clearly something is wrong. If people don't see that this class needs a buff then their is really something wrong with you.
  5. So I bought the special deal 950 pearl shop 30 day skill guide so I can keep resetting since I pvp and pve a lot. I simply dont have the sp on Zerk to enjoy as it is very sp relaint. Anyways, I was streaming this whole ordeal and pretty much skill points are either double dipping into each skill like you have to press it twice for it to go through, or a 3 point skill like Seizing Fear (Zerk Passive) costs like 50 points instead of 3. This is huge. I havent been playing the game or grinding because of this nonsense. https://www.twitch.tv/theguiido/clip/AuspiciousBashfulKoupreyBlargNaut?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time I even got it again here today: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/75443029 THANK YOU
  6. Please take your SJW suggestion elsewhere. Thanks.
  7. I am well aware of the future additions to the game and the amazing cosmetics coming. But I have always wanted to mix and match with things on and off. I know that the Abyssal Axe is a crappy weapon, but having the ability to rock this with my costume coming would look sick and i'm sure other classes would like to see something like this too. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/screenshot/11988405 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/screenshot/11988564
  8. Bruh who cares! You wield a big dude with a cannon who turns people into dust and axes bigger than 2 human beings. Fun af dude. zerks got the coolest outfits coming I swear
  9. I maxed mine out too. It is annoying. I mean idk about you, but it is even dare I say rage inducing. he takes up like whole doors and houses lmao. It's very hard to see inside buildings. But that shouldn't be an issue as that is something that is so minor compared to the larger scale of things in the game.
  10. Trust me, it's not that bad being a sorc rn. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/72461703 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/72462424
  11. Bruh this is depressing. I knew this happened on PC, but didn't think due to the complaints this would come to xbox.
  12. Slowed down and only 4 hits before a stationary double EF slam that does no extra damage thats significant to the time it takes, and people can move away from it in 2 seconds. This move got nuked into another plain of existence. Why?
  13. Yet to them servers are stable and no issues what so ever. Mediah ruined everything. Sure there was desync before, but it has become so hard to play now.
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