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  1. ace54858

    Red Nose Boss?

    maybe because not everyone has played this game on pc before.
  2. ace54858

    Beta keys?

    lol ya that's if you get that fast normally game's download at about 30mbps i have had at time's where it's been under 10 mbps. even with having 100mb download speed but not fiber optic yet they up the speed but not the cable/wire's lol
  3. ace54858

    Beta keys?

    where did you see that is go's till the 12th? the email that was sent only said it start's on the 8th at 12 am pst. and i have been reading post's and no one said anything about it going only till the 12th. also kinda surprised it's not on the xbox store yet to pre download if it's to be 20-50gb's it will take hour's to download even with 100mb download speed's as never get that speed.
  4. ace54858

    8.11 Beta info

    more then likely as it is a MMORPG and all multiplayer game on xbox need xbox live to play inless it has a single player mode.
  5. well for 1 thing the orginal xbox didn't come out in nov 2013 it was on nov 15, 2001, xbox 360 was nov 2005 the xbox one nov 22nd, 2013 being i still have the orginal xbox that only came with a wired controller. then it was the xbox one S and xbox one X in 2017