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  1. Enjoying that Drieghan life! https://twitter.com/crackmann/status/1264274126694486017?s=19
  2. People like you always amaze me. I don't understand why people follow the forums of a game they don't play anymore. You're trying to get people stop playing BDO because you didn't get full PEN in a month and you got killed by big bois?
  3. Jappe


    Karanda came out July 24th which is not over 3 months ago. Get your math together mate. Your statement is far from valid as you said we have only gotten tamer, forest wagon and dark rifts in the last 3 months. Having a roadmap is not a promise to deliver everything in it. It's a plan and a target. I know this thread is exactly about discussing that. I just can't understand how people can complain if they don't reach everything in a roadmap which has A LOT of content. The app is linked to Xbox and PS4 only, not even for PC. In case you didn't know it has the central market function which allows people to play the market even when in school or at work. I guess it means nothing for unemployed people who have all the time in the world to sit in the game. I don't really care how long you have played the game. Guess there's one positive thing about working full day and having a family, I only have 8 hours a day to play so new content keeps coming out before I get bored. It's fun to speculate if they can get all the roadmap goals done but reading through the complaints on here just gives me a really weird feeling since for me it feels like these devs actually care about the players and bring a lot of new content out at fast pace. It's actually funny that people complain the devs don't listen to players and they never read the forums but yet here you are wasting your time posting about a game you don't even play anymore haha.
  4. Jappe


    Jesus love what a bunch of complaints here. Here I'm sitting like thinking how Pearl Abyss actually brings out new content for BDO all the time. Maybe that's just me coming over from playing Neverwinter for past 4 years. I have played for 3 months now and just reached lvl 61 on my first character. Like I said I've played for 3 months and actually Ninja was a new class when I started, also Archer has been added in the last 3 months. So we have had 3 classes in 3 months. Get your **** together when bashing the developers please. Let's go through what we have gotten in just 3 MONTHS: - Ninja - Karanda, Muraka and Quint (3 world bosses) - Campsite & Villas - Capotia accessories - Fairy system - Archer - Kamasylvia - Shai awakening - Black Desert+ app - Forest Path Wagon - Tamer - Dark Rifts Plus a bunch of quality of life updates. If you ask me that's a love ton of updates in just 3 months. I don't know if you are PC players and are expecting to get everything asap what PC has? I'm not even mad if we don't get Drieghan yet this year. I'd like to see Bartali's journal though. Personally I'm surprised how much content we are actually getting and at what pace. I'm hoping BDO is the next MMO for me that I spend few years playing and it's looking really good so far.
  5. Haha this post is hilarious. You complain about getting memory frags and cron stones and state you have "ultimate" gear on. Ultimate doesn't mean anything. Come back to complain when you have TET boss gear and TET boss weapons. Even after that a memory frag is a 1.5-2 million drop if you sell it. Investing energy to a node only increases drop rate on every 10th kill. At Kzarka there's lots of priests running around the spawn spot so there's a high chance your 10th kill won't drop on Kzarka. So it's basically pointless to invest into boss nodes. How much you have play time? 100 hours? Based on what you've said it seems like you have played for a month or two.
  6. Jappe

    Xbox GM Events

    Well I liked the event and I would not rather be fighting in RBF. It should have been spread out on more than one server though.
  7. Currently there's an event going on with increased droprate on the shards from gathering. Also the last event had the same so we've had about a month of increased droprate on them now. This was posted more than a month ago so probably the event wasn't on yet.
  8. The latest few updates to the app, versions 1.107, 1.111 and the current version 1.0.115 have completely broken the app now. When trying to open it only gives me white background. Android 9 and Nokia 9.
  9. Thanks for the reply! I understand it's still in beta and I'm not expecting it to work perfectly As to making the OTP more user friendly, maybe write instructions on how to activate itin to the app itself. Next to the box where the code needs to be entered. The main issue in it was that the app asked for the OTP code from users who had not activated OTP on the website.
  10. I have cleared the cache and re-installed the app. It keeps kicking me out whenever I close the app. I need to login every time and choose my server and all the settings again. Not to mention the OTP that got added to Central Market. You just added that there even when people have not enabled OTP on their account settings? I'm a tech savvy guy so I knew first of all what OTP is and how to use it. None of my guild members knew how to get past the OTP screen before I explained to them that they need to log in on their PC and enable OTP in their account settings and after that download an authenticator app which is used to scan the QR code and THEN they can access the Central Market again.
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