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  1. The best part was how they had Rinku do the patch notes and he clearly had no idea why chat kept asking about cron meals and draughts. Trent and Shirna hard dodging that stream.
  2. With the pending removal of weapon exchange coupons, please consider the following suggestion. Make all boss weapons similar to the Black Abyssal weapons. Where you can melt the weapon back to a box form. And the CM just sell boxes from 0 to PEN. This essentially allows for free transfers and eliminates the need to price lock across classes. Armor and Accessories are not class locked, no real reason Weapons should be.
  3. This was the number I heard at the Heidel Ball. This number "feels" really high. This has to be total accounts active and inactive for all regions, right?
  4. The loot tables for Rift Boss rewards is out dated and need to be updated. We have all items in-game now to use the PC loot tables. Please update. Here is an example... Console - Box of Silent Dead Basilisk Belt, Crescent Ring, Centaur Belt, Cadry Ring PC - Box of Silent Dead Laytenn Power Stone, Ogre Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Narc Earring, Valtarra Belt, Orkinrad Belt, Basilisk Belt, Crescent Ring
  5. It would be nice if console class balance was not tied to PC. Console is a different beast. We lack the performance of PC, we lack the input control of PC, we lack the content of PC (caphras) it should not be the case that we are balanced the same as PC. We are being told we can not get Guardian this year because it's too powerful on PC and would be even more unbalanced for console. Well that just begs the question as to why they can't balance her just for console. There should be an effort to class balance based on platform. Denying us content for this reason feels pretty bad.
  6. I suggest adding an Altar/Shrine item to tents. This item would allow you to purchase church buffs through the tent like you do with villa buffs. You could make the Altar/Shrine item a cash shop purchase. And require an active old moon book to purchase the buffs. I think this is would be an addition all adventurers across all platforms would appreciate. @CM_Valtarra @CM Trent
  7. Good to know we are not accidentally being ignored =/
  8. Agreed...except on the 2yr part. Please fix.
  9. When they reworked the Guild skill menu they mentioned it was kind of a test run to see if they could use a similar format for player skills. Seems to me that the guild skill tree works fine, so I would expect we should see a revamped combat skill tree interface sooner rather than later.
  10. My gf has a xbox one s w/ ssd and she is back to hitting walls on her horse since the last update. I'm on a xbox one x w/ ssd but not having any problems with walls, however I am having many more issues where the game freezes for 3-5s then resumes. The stutter used to be much less frequent and usually 1-2s. Honestly it feels like they introduced a memory leak, and the stutter is memory management issue.
  11. As Yiazzy not so nicely put it. Your Kama blessing ran out. That is what gives you that extra VT.
  12. WindThief


    Your in luck. Next update has infinite potions.
  13. I had made a similar request a while back. Even tried to suggest a system that would minimize the coding required. But I feel my verbal description was not getting my intent across so I don't think the request got submitted.
  14. This is an interesting finding. If it is in fact true that wagon'ed horses require 4x the distance to level compared to single rider, then there is essentially no value in training horses with a wagon other than the infinite stamina. I had always assumed it was same distance required for both, and never did any testing of my own.
  15. We will never merge with PC
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