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  1. So PA official response is...server lag is due to increased traffic from everyone staying home. I would like to point out that the lag occurs ~35min past the hour. I assume they don't even know this because they probably don't play enough to notice. So while PA says increased traffic...I call shenanigans especially since I have forum posts from over 2 weeks ago complaining about the server lag. I'm sure the increased traffic world wide doesn't help...but servers were dying before everyone started staying home. Ever since the merger, during peak hours, at ~35min past the hour there would be server side lag. Please continue to investigate the server performance and don't mistake correlation with causality. @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra
  2. So servers are trash during peak hours. So much lag can't even play. Getting screen freezes and dc'ed. Being unable to log back in. This is some serious nonsense. And I'm actually mad that I'm considering quitting. PA needs to do more.
  3. There are currently 3 forms of magical black stones...yellow, blue, and green. They let you force enhance +13-15 items. My suggestion is to be able to exchange "X" amount of lower grade stones for higher grade. eg. 5 Stabilized Magic Black Stones (green grade) = 1 Cleansed Magic Black Stones (blue grade) 50 Cleansed Magic Black Stones (blue grade) = 1 Flawless Magical Black Stone (yellow grade)
  4. I agree hunter seal rewards could use a rework. I would move this post to the suggestion section.
  5. I actually have my life skills spread across all my characters. One does fishing, one does horses, one farming...etc etc. It's just they way I play. As for level 49, I don't really find myself getting killed that often when doing life skills. The reason I level up all the characters is to get more quests complete and gain more family fame. Goal is to have all my characters at 60 someday.
  6. @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra Shirna said on discord that they changed the max character slots from "N+1" to just "N". So I guess that means no new slot for us. Which is big sad. We have had n+1 since launch. I have all my char slots full. I now have to delete a character if I want to play Maehwa (which I do). I play lots alts, and level all of them up, and it kind of makes me sick that I need to delete a level 58 character that I have story line quested through Kama and spent countless hours on...just because they don't want to give us another slot like they have for every other class in the game. They didn't even bother to tell us about the character slot changes either. I'm sure there are plenty of people that have maxed their character slots. How could this not be communicated? Could a CM confirm that we will not be going back to N+1 character slots? I really don't want to delete a character in order to play Maehwa, just to find out you're gonna add a slot back in next week.
  7. I was max character slot prior to patch, and can not use the coupon post patch. I think you all forgot to give us an extra character slot.
  8. Since the merge during peak hours there is so much server side lag the game is unplayable. Half the time game hangs and we get disconnected. This is the sort of problem that needs immediate attention. PA needs to acknowledge the issue and not wait around 2 weeks for the next patch to fix. If you need to add more server...add more servers. I'm a huge fan of this game. Full addict here. But the lag and server performance is now terrible. I'm on an xbox one x w/ an SSD and while performance hasn't been amazing, its been very acceptable until now.
  9. Okay the title is terrible but I don't really know what this feature would be called. What I'm suggesting 2-3 inventory sized boxes that are static on the screen (maybe just left of the mini map). And essentially what we do is set an item from our inventory to display there. On PC they have the option to drag items from inventory and place a box anywhere on the main UI. This allows players to have loot counters, or potion counters, or whatever counter they want. The reason I think this would be good for console players is that we have a severe lack of visual aids due to ring menus. With the advent of Fairies that can use potions for you, the need to have potions hotkey'ed is lessened. But what is still very critical is knowing when these potions have run out. So I could envision myself removing potions from my d-pad/ring menu and trusting my fairy to do the work, while still being able to see when the potion count is getting low. Also there might be people that want loot counters. So they can track their trash loot as they grind. My suggestion on a simple implementation would be a toggle on/off option in the settings/display page. A basic show/don't show option. When using "show" it always displays the first 2-3 inventory slots. Which means players will need to unsort their inventory and move the desired items they want to see to the first 2-3 slots. Having it always be the first couple of inventory slots eliminates the need for a special UI for selecting items to show there.
  10. If that was the actual event then it's worse than I thought. I assumed the event was bugged and people were just trolling about getting anything. So far this event has been the worst. Communication about the event also terrible. CM's too busy being announcers for Shadow Arena to care about console 1yr events. Not a very good showing. SMH
  11. As we know there is a great deal of lag in the major cities. A big contributor is the sheer number of players in these cities. My suggestion is to make other minor cities more viable for players by adding Central Market Merchants to them. I understand the dev's want the major cities to seem bustling but some of the smaller towns are basically vacant. By adding CM merchants to them it would allow players to choose other less populated cities to work in or call home. Places they normally wouldn't use due to the lack of conveniences like the central market.
  12. The solution would be to have BOTH family and name be the characters identifier. This way the only people forced to have name changes are those that happen to have the same family name as well as the same character name. Which is much less likely. Do they need to update other systems like chat and mail...uhh yeh...but honestly they should have fixed this rather poor naming system long ago. Seems to me that they are being lazy. Instead of correctly fixing the problem they are looking for a work around. They must have known for a long time that cross play was coming. And should have been working on this from the start.
  13. This is a PvP game. Plenty of other games you can play that aren't. Please stop trying to ruin this game. This is a PvP game. Plenty of other games you can play that aren't. Please stop trying to ruin this game.
  14. Can we get the daily frenzy changed to scrolls? It's a feature PC has and a would be a nice quality of life improvement for console.
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