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  1. I’d like to know where this settings is as it’s impossible to find apparently.
  2. If this is true then thanks I’ve been playing on ps4 awhile now and still have never see no such thing in the ring slot customization menues. There’s show a party member/guild member a location which doesn’t even work and just plants it under u instead being able to put it anywhere on the map. So yea idk gonna check later tho.
  3. Yuke2

    The ps4 screen

    The screen on ps4 doesn’t fit the TV.. I’m sure people have reported this since beta. But it’s not even a known issue. So I’m reporting. Because it is a issue for many players that don’t own brand new TVs. The game should have a feature to fit the game to the screen like every other game on ps4 does. We cannot easy fix this by our self like some players (that have new TVs). So we rely on u guys to fix it. And it seems your not even aware of the issue. I hope you guys can fix this it’s a huge issue for a lot of players. Thank you for making a great game! I want to enjoy the entire game not just the parts I can see....
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